The ‘Pescarolo’ name could return to Le Mans in 2024

The ‘Pescarolo’ name could return to Le Mans in 2024

The Pescarolo name, a client of the brand’s new owner, could return to the pinnacle of endurance racing in 2024 if plans for the Le Mans Hypercar come to fruition.

Jocelyn Pedrono, who bought the rights to the Pescarolo brand in 2016, has announced his intention to return the famous French brand to the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship with a customer car.

He noted that legendary team founder and four-time Le Mans winner Henri Pescarolo was not involved in the project.

“Returning to endurance racing has always been our goal,” Pedrono told French publication

“I am currently working on creating a budget.”

“I have a contract with two teams in Hypercar. My heart leans more towards one side, but at the moment I can’t say anything.”

“We’re not just talking about buying a car, but also actual technical support.”

“More hypercars [LMH] We are looking,” he said.

This suggests that the 908 HDi FAP LMP1 Peugeot Pescarolo raced on a customer basis in 2009 and Ferrari could be among the candidates Pedrono is considering for a revived list.

Pescarolo last raced at Le Mans in 2012 on chassis 03 with Aston Martin AMR-One and Dome S102.5, and neither car could see the finish.