the passenger compartment of the new electric pick-up

the passenger compartment of the new electric pick-up

For several days now there was no more talk about the arrival on the market of Tesla’s pick-up, the famous Cybertruck, which has been talked about since its first appearance in the world. Released by the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, with the first “bang”.

Of course, there were some problems during the first public presentation, you all remember. After that the date of the start of production and the start of sales was postponed for a long time, until today, at the end of 2023, we finally have the Tesla Cybertruck ready, a car with extreme shapes, of course unusual, apart from both. those we are used to seeing in pick-ups on the market today and those of sister Tesla on the price list. Today we want to give check the interior of the car, in the last few hours everyone has been talking about it, admiring every detail.


Let’s take a closer look at the cabin of the Tesla Cybertruck, where it appears. 18 inch display, Very large space for residents and much more. We remember that the very first appearance of the takeover began four years ago, in 2019, and today we finally have the opportunity to look at the definitive version.

The special lines are the same ones we saw in the reveal, the ones that caused the debate from the first appearance, the style is very original and recognizable at a glance. Inside, however, there are some features that stand out. It obviously has a very large bed, like any self-respecting pick-up, with an automatic folding top.

Inner space

The interior space of the Tesla Cybertruck is a big dynamic step. The passenger compartment offers a centimeter for each person, the back seat has a very regular design and also the possibility of folding the seats, to get a flat and more generous surface (as if the space is not enough).

And then it was inserted glove compartment in front, between the front seats: it is very long and next to the bottle holders and two wireless charging points suitable for smartphones and any kind of device. The roof has a certain shape, it descends directly towards the body, but despite this characteristic, the space above the head is large and unrestricted. Only the rear view, the one from the rear window, is reduced to a minimum.

A car designed for families

The interior of the Cybertruck certainly cannot be compared to that of any American pick-up, on the contrary: the interior is reminiscent of Tesla’s electric younger sisters Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model

The interface is also new, and allows you to see a 3D rendering of the car, rotate it and change the position, to see it from every angle. And, as if that wasn’t enough, all it takes is a touch to open and close the bonnet and trunk. For rear passengers, Tesla has added a 9.4-inch touchscreen monitor for seat heating, climate control and other features.

New steering wheel shape, the Cybertruck inscription appears in the center instead of the Tesla logo, and the classic physical buttons for direction indicators, windshield wipers, loudspeaker and lights are inserted into the spokes. The rearview mirror is conventional and not digital, there are cameras that help drivers during the driving phases.

Finally the measurements of the body, as expected, is very generous, it is possible to cover it with an electric cover, on the sides there are charging sockets for other electric vehicles or external devices. To increase the freedom it is also possible to increase the battery.