The pandemic has lowered the quality of cars according to JD Power

The pandemic has lowered the quality of cars according to JD Power

Has this epidemic lowered the quality of cars? Yes, according to a recent “quality” study conducted by the company The power of JD in the United States*. ” The quality of cars has gone down a lot “, the company comments in its latest study published last June. JD Power has never experienced such a rapid decline in quality in the 36 years since the company launched this study.

According to JD Power, Supply chain issues, rising prices and telecommunications explain this historic decline in quality. ” Overall, initial quality has shown steady improvement throughout the history of this study, so this year’s drop is disappointing, but understandable. Manufacturers continue to produce increasingly technologically sophisticated vehicles at a time when there have been many shortages. “, explains JD Power.

Compared to 2021 results, the automotive industry has seen an 11% increase in problems per 100 vehicles (PP100). This year’s average is 180 problems given to 100 cars in the circuit (a lower score indicates a higher quality car), ie 18 more than last year.

General Motors continues that trend with improved quality, which puts the brand first. Among brands, Buick’s quality improved with 17 PP100s, moving it to No. 1. Only nine of the 33 brands listed have improved vehicle quality from one year to the next (see table below).

Consumer cars have fewer problems than premium cars. Information systems remain the most problematic area. Owners of electric vehicles report more problems with their vehicles than owners of combustion engine vehicles. Tesla even show an average of 240 PP100! Driver assistance issues are on the rise.

*The JD Power Quality Survey, conducted from February to May 2022 on the US fleet, is based on responses from 84. 165 new car buyers and hirers (model year 2022).