The Opel Corsa has been updated and receives a Vizor at the front

The Opel Corsa has been updated and receives a Vizor at the front

The refurbished Opel Corsa is a car that is now more recent than its Peugeot sibling, the 208 which will be refurbished later. However, the changes are few and only dictated by the arrival of the mid-life cycle. The update is planned for the introduction of the Opel Vizor at the front of the car and more technological details. An updated Corsa awaiting the next generation.

The updated Opel Corsa has a redesigned front end, new details at the back, more power in the 100% electric version and in hybrids, as well as a new multimedia system.

It is noticed that there are changes in the Corsa looking at the front of the car. Opel Vizor stands out and breathes new life into the model. The bumper is also new with larger side vents.

The profile of the Corsa is exactly the same, while at the back there is a new, more muscular bumper and the car’s name is spread across the entire width of the tailgate. And that’s the end of the changes on this updated Corsa.


Inside the Corsa there are some changes, little, but which add to the sense and quality. First, the steering wheel whose center is different. Then the central console, where there are more differences. There is no longer a “joystick” replaced by the limited controls already known from other Stellantis models (Citroen and Peugeot). At the top is a new 10-inch screen that houses the infotainment system and a Qualcomm-powered Snapdragon processor, the same technology used in many smartphones.

Of course it has wireless Apple Car Play and Android Auto. And there is also a new coating. And a 100% digital instrument panel as an option.


Changes in mechanics

Not much, but there is information. O A 1.2 turbo engine with 48 volt hybrid technology will make an appearance in the Corsa. It will be available with 100 and 136 hp and will have a new special automatic gearbox, double clutch type.

We all know the dual clutch gearboxes (launched in 2003 by the VW group) that PSA didn’t have. Now you have a DCT, but it’s very different from a DSG. Like?

Instead of two half gearboxes, each with its own clutch, there will be one gearbox, with only four speeds, but with two additional gears – similar to those present in 4 × 4 vehicles with reduction gears – and Integrated electric motor.

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Multiplying between one and the other is done by a clutch connected to an epicyclic group that ensures up to 8 speeds, although the box is prepared to provide seven. Thanks to the second clutch, it is possible to get rid of the hot engine during deceleration, running in electric mode on Plug-In models and other modes.

Even earlier, the Corsa-e should arrive, which will be available with 136 and 156 hp. All thanks to the new electric motor which, with more power, authorizes a range of up to 402 km (WLTP cycle). Charging up to 80% of battery capacity is achieved in 30 minutes using the fast charger.

The date of sale of the new Corsa in Portugal has not yet been defined, but it will certainly be before the end of the year.