The official cover image for Forza Motorsport has been released

The official cover image for Forza Motorsport has been released

Turn 10 Studio has announced the official cover art for Forza Motorsport, the next major installment in the series for PC and Xbox Series X|S. This time, the developer chose the No.01 Cadillac Racing V-Series R and Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray cars to promote the racing game.

The company also confirmed that the new game in the series will take a closer look at its cars during the Xbox Game Show, which is scheduled for June 11 this year. Shortly after, he’ll be releasing a Forza Monthly announcement on June 13 that promises to show you all the details of his single-player career mode.

Although Forza Motorsport does not yet have a release date, it is expected to hit stores in 2023 and become one of the best games on Xbox in the second half of the year. For this to happen, a special date is expected to be shared in the June show, which may cause some surprises for fans.

The new version of the racing game series will mark the next step in its technological evolution. While the franchise has long been known for the fidelity of its graphics and physical simulation, this game will bring a higher level of quality as it is no longer bound by the limitations of the Xbox One hardware.

However, while Forza Motorsport will only be released for PC and Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft has made it possible for those with a 2013 platform to enjoy the game via xCloud. The promise of the company and the Turn 10 studio is that the game will serve as a platform for adding new experiences regularly.