The official budget of the car is around IDR 1 billion, here is a list of electric cars that can be bought.

TEMPO Co, Jakarta – Minister of Finance (Menkeu) Sri Mulyani will pay Rp. 966,804,000 for each official electric vehicle of Echelon I of Public Servants (PNS). This number is the maximum limit or the estimated portion of the output in the preparation of work plans and budgets of Government Ministries/Institutions for the 2024 Financial Year.

As for echelon II officers, Rp. 746 million will be given money for official car electricity. However, the set amount does not include shipping and installation costs for premium home installations.

The budget is contained in Regulation of the Minister of Finance (PMK) Number 49 of 2023 concerning the Levels of Input Costs for the Financial Year 2024. These regulations, among other things, specify the budget for vehicles that use electric batteries (KBLBB).

“The implementation of KBLBB procurement must comply with government policies regarding KBLBB facilities,” the regulation reads.

In addition, there is a budget for the purchase of official electric motorcycles of IDR 28 million per unit and office electric vehicles set at IDR 430 million per unit.



Not only the purchase costs, there will also be annual maintenance costs for electric vehicles. The annual maintenance cost of government officials’ electric vehicles is set at IDR 14.84 million per unit per year.

From these figures, have outlined several official electric vehicles that can be purchased by civil servants:

1. Hyundai

– Kona Electric Signature: IDR 750 million

– Ioniq Electric Prime : IDR 682 million

– Ioniq Electric Signature : IDR 723 million

– Ioniq 5 Prime Standard Range: IDR 673.2 million

– Ioniq Signature 5: IDR 728.1 million

– Ioniq 5 Prime Long Range: IDR 710.1 million

– Ioniq 5 Long Term Signature : IDR 773.1 million

2. Wuling

– Air ev Standard Range: IDR 218.7 million

– Air ev Long Range: IDR 269.5 million


– Gelora Electric E-BV: IDR 350 million

– Gelora Electric E-MB: IDR 399 million

4. Speak up

– Cargo EV Insurance: IDR 530 million

– Passenger EV Insurance: IDR 540 million

5. Nissan

– Single Leaf Tone : IDR 728 million

– Two Leaf Tones: IDR 730 million

6. Renault

– Twizy: IDR 409 million

– Zoe : IDR 888 million

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