The new World Motors TV will present the Lexus RX with a test of 100 octane gasoline. Already today at 20:30 on Nova Action –

The new World Motors TV will present the Lexus RX with a test of 100 octane gasoline. Already today at 20:30 on Nova Action –

Tonight we bring you the 12th episode of World of Cars. We test the incredible Lexus RX and VW Tiguan. We will pass and fly through the gyroplane, while Martin Vaculík is doing a test of 100 octane gasoline. And we will visit the caravan exhibition.

Like every Wednesday, there is a new episode of TV World of Motors. If you missed the evening premiere at 8:30 pm on Nova Action, repeats run Fridays at 1:30 and 7:40. You can find all parts also on Voyo.

Blockbuster in the Lexus lineup: the new RX

The new generation of the best-selling Lexus is so good that it is taking away customers who have been loyal to the German competition until now. The Japanese do it completely differently and it pays off! In the Czech Republic, after the first 200 units of the new RX generation, the dust just settled. Honza Mička is not at all surprising, which he will show you immediately on the best version – RX 500h.

Tiguan Allspace

The current generation of Tiguan has been released since 2016, it will be a little test of used cars. In some solutions, the current design was even backwards. Is it worth taking advantage of Volkswagen’s financing advantage and buying a Tiguan today, waiting for a new generation, or looking around for used cars?

Half car, half plane

Tomáš Hadač is really crazy. In our shows, he has already climbed a chimney, a coffin, and many strange cars. In today’s episode, he drives and flies through a vehicle that can do both. It’s called the Cavalon spinner, and it arrives at the airport.

Martin Vaculík and the 100 octane experiment

If you enjoy doing physics and chemistry experiments, you will really enjoy this. The duty to monitor also applies to everyone who fills up with gasoline called 100-octane, either because of the high performance of the car or because of other benefits to the engine. Are the positive results surprising? This is what Martin Vaculík discovered in a detailed test of many samples on the legendary test engine and in the laboratory of the Czech Technical University.

Caravan shows

Even after the end of the epidemic, caravans remained a hot commodity, selling up to twice as much as in previous years. Vláďa Kadera will take you to the caravan exhibition in Letňany, where he will show not only the best caravans, but also interesting conversions for small cars. Or maybe a service that will handle your caravan on its own.

World of Motors TV

The most popular Czech magazine is heading to TV screens! The world of motors releases and tests new products on the market every week, but also carefully tests used cars, brings you unique machines, advises in the field of law and transportation, and also provides pure entertainment.

Watch on Nova Action and Voyo

We begin Nova Action 15/02/2023 at 20:30. If you miss episode 1, you can also watch the replay on Nova Action, on 17/02/2023 at 1:30 and 7:40.

After the TV premiere of each episode, you can watch the World of Motors TV show also in video memory Wow!.