The new Porsche Taycan appeared!

The new Porsche Taycan appeared!

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In 2019, Porsche introduced the Taycan model, which takes its name from the Turkish word for “power”. As we reach 2020, Taycan started running on the roads of Turkey. This popular model has achieved very good sales figures in Turkey and around the world. Its designers also want to relaunch the golden age of 2019 by renewing the Taycan.

Make-up Porsche Taycan!

Porsche takes the new Taycan for test drives from time to time. Reflecting these test drives on the lens, we began to see the Taycan’s aesthetic design in more and more detail. With the latest road test, we saw a new version of the chassis and an exotic design of the Taycan.

The Taycan is actually a model connected to the Porsche Mission – E concept family. Considering that the Mission – E concept was introduced in 2015, we can say that the Taycan is an 8-year-old model. The Taycan, which has been using the same design for 8 years, it does not affect the exotic and unique design we are looking at now. In the case of Porsche, it was stated that the best time for make-up has arrived.

Moving to an electric car from McLaren! A rival to the Porsche Taycan is coming

According to a published report, McLaren has started working to enter the electric car market. The new model will compete with the Porsche Taycan.

First of all, when we move from the basic design of the Taycan, we can imagine that the air intake in the front bumper has changed in the updated Taycan. Porsche seems to have hidden the aforementioned air intake in the front bumper quite well.

When we go back, we can’t see the Taycan and Porsche text like in the previous model. We see that the design of the inspired suspension that the VAG group brought from Audi to Volkswagen has changed. The rear bumper does not give a hint about the changes made.

Things are looking good for the Sport Turismo side of the sports station wagon version of the Taycan. Almost the same groups of lights as the previous model, the front and rear design welcomes us. In other words, the Taycan has been slightly modified by the VAG group for all models in the family.

When we come to the engine and the power part, a unit that will satisfy us as in the previous model welcomes us. This electric sports car, which is included in the exotic class, will produce 1000 HP according to the first information. It is expected to come with a 3 engine unit that will produce 1000 HP of power.

Porsche sold more than 100,000 Taycan models in total, including the Cross and Sport Tourismo versions. In 2022, the Taycan sold approximately 34,801 units, leaving the brand’s other flagship, the Panamera, behind.

What do you think of the new Taycan? What do you think the new Taycan will be like? We are waiting for your feedback!