The new Polestar 2 changes everything

New electric motors, rear wheel drive for the basic version, more freedom but also a new design. In other words, the new Polestar 2.

Polestar 2, its Swedish speed Polestartoday opens a new page in its admittedly short life in the field of electric vehicles that began in 2019, when it was presented for the first time.

Today, and beyond 100,000… silent salesThe Polestar 2 is beautifully updated as it gets new electric motors and an improved batterywhile differences also exist within architecture of the base version operating system. But let’s take things in order.

In terms of design, the reference point is the new Polestar 2 front end, which the Swedish manufacturer has named Character name SmartZone. And not without reason, because behind the closed mask they are welcomed above 20 sensors, directly connected to the safety and operational support systems it is equipped with.

The Polestar 2 and new electric motors

Next-generation power plants are installed in all versions of the new Polestar 2providing significant improvements in efficiency and performance. Single-engine variants of the model are now rear-wheel drivedrawing power from one new permanent magnet motor and replace silicon carbide.

The new engine delivers 220 kW (from 170 kW) and optimized for higher performance and higher torque (490 Nm, from 330 Nm) to further increase the performance of the vehicle. To indicate, the 0-100 km/h sprint is complete in the new Polestar RWD in time short for 1.2 secondsie for 6.2 seconds.

The Dual Motor version of the new Polestar 2 now has a…posterior power distribution with the aim of improving driving pleasure, as Polestar claims. So the new rear engine is the main power source, supported on the front axle by a new, mismatched motor. The total power of the motor system is now 310 kW, as the torque arrives 740Nm (from the previous 300 kW and 660 Nm).

According to Polestar, acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h is accomplished in the Polestar 2 wheel drive in just a short time. 4.5 seconds. In addition, Polestar offers the package as an option Performance The package, which increases the total output to 350 kW, reducing the “0-100” time to 4.2 seconds.

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New Polestar 2 with improved battery

In most markets all versions of the new Polestar 2 will feature improved lithium-ion batteries, and there will be a positive impact on time and charging time. The Long-Duration versions now have an 82 kWh battery signed by China’s CATL, while the Standard has a 69 kWh battery now supplied by LG Chem.

The batteries mentioned above, together with individual improvements to the electric circuit, now allow the Polestar 2 fast charging rates of up to 205 kW for the Long Range versions and 135 kW for the Standard.

The Standard Range Single Motor version now has a range of up to 518 km (+40 km) and the Long Range Single Motor version can now travel on a single charge up to 635 km (+84 km) – all prices are calculated according to the WLTP standard.