The new Nissan Sentra will be able to dethrone the Toyota Corolla and become the main character of the segment;  test |  Measurements

The new Nissan Sentra will be able to dethrone the Toyota Corolla and become the main character of the segment; test | Measurements

O Nissan Sentra it didn’t come close to being a market leader, considering the mid-size sedan category. The peak of sales of the previous generation, launched in 2013, occurred in 2015, when the model finished the year as third in the category with 12,529 units sold – a few cycles back. Honda Civic (31,241) and Toyota Corolla (67,339), deputy leader and leader.

From 2015 onward, the Sentra dropped year after year until it rolled off the line in 2021 without fail — let’s face it, design and affordability weren’t its strong points. But if the saying “The world goes round” fits any situation in life, a new generation of fashionistas may be responsible for bringing the distant role closer to it.

One of the big bets for the new Sentra is its looks, which seem to be well received by the public — Photo: Disclosure

Now, in the most favorable (at least among your peers), it’s time to change that game. Because of the quality of the entry-level version of the new Sentra, the Advance, that costs BRL 149,990, I confirm that this turn is completely possible.

First of all, without undermining the capabilities of the new generation, the mission is easy because there are no other opponents on the radar. O Honda Civic is imported from Thailand, converted into a hybridis in the range of BRL 250 thousand and it is a card out of the deck in a direct conflict.

“Classic” Chevrolet Cruze it has been the same for a long time and no longer has the power to disturb the visitor: there were only 218 sales in the three months of this year. In March alone – the first month of sales – the new Sentra has already sold more than twice as much as the Cruze: 453 units. There is still the Corolla… which currently dominates alone, but is waiting for the 2024 facelift in Brazil to, perhaps, expand profit in that part.

It’s up to the Sentra to defend itself with a good list of accessories since the entry-level version, the Advance. There are six airbags, an 8-inch multimedia center with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity via cable only, 17-diamond alloy wheels, LED headlights and DRLs, dual-zone digital air conditioning, paddle shifters, heated and electrically adjustable front. driver’s seats, collision warning and emergency stop assist.

Nissan Sentra Advance costs around R$ 150 thousand – Photo: Disclosure

For another R $ 1,700, the top version of the line can receive a neater leather finish with a special coating on the panel. But that doesn’t erase the fact that the Sentra lacks wireless connectivity, an induction cell phone charger and an electric parking brake. Steering is on the pedals… just like the Corolla Cross. Bad points for a car in this price range.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, the comfort deserves a luxury car. Position adjustments are correct and there are even lumbar airbags in the driver’s seat. The wheelbase of 2.71 meters is more than enough to provide space for a tall driver (as in my case, at 1.87 m) and for those sitting in the back seat. There, by the way, there is a USB input, but Nissan left the ventilation outlets.

The wheelbase ensures good space for a tall driver and for those in the back seat — Photo: Disclosure

The expected 2.0 engine is capable of developing 151 hp and 20 kgfm of torque; exchange CVT to simulate eight gears. A big jump in quality over the previous generation is the fact that the model is now equipped with a multilink rear suspension instead of a torsion beam.

Driving the new Sentra you get the feeling that it is a car that has the potential to sell well. It is perfectly suited for everyday use, with smooth and precise handling, as well as satisfactory performance. In acceleration tests, It went from zero to 100 km / h in 9.8 seconds Only 0.6 seconds behind the Chevrolet Cruze Sedan, which has a turbo engine with a slight power advantage, with 153 hp and a torque of 24.5 kgfm.

The front seats are heated and electrically adjustable for the driver.

On smooth terrain, the sedan seems to float. On damaged asphalt, the comfort of the suspension is also good, and the car practically does not shake. The driving position is low. Very low, by the way. This helps in curves and a little roll of the body; however, to deal with speed bumps and ditches, I leave you a valuable tip: go slowly, because it wipes out easily.

Now you want good news? In private sports utility tests, the Japanese sedan recorded an impressive 18.9 km / l on the road and 13.4 km / l in the city with gasoline in the tank.

Nissan Sentra Advance – There are USB and USB-C ports, but Nissan forgot the mobile phone charger – Photo: Disclosure

Nissan set the frame, and the new Sentra gives the impression of being a higher-end car than it really is. Wherever he goes, he always attracts attention. And from my vote bubble, the look was 100% approved.

The way is clear and made for the new Nissan Sentra to take on any rival in the same price range. The average sedan has a lot of potential, because the bodywork is very good. Overtaking the Corolla is a very difficult mission, but the time to be the protagonist is now.

The expected 2.0 engine is capable of developing 151 hp and 20 kgfm of torque; exchange CVT to simulate eight gears. — Photo: Disclosure

Nissan Sentra Advance

Data sheet
Price: BRL 149,990
Engine: Front, transverse, 4 cylinders. in line, 2.0, 16V, direct injection, petrol
Power: 151 hp at 3,000 rpm
Torque: 20 kgfm at 4,000 rpm
Transmission: CVT, 8 simulated gears
Operation: Electric
Suspension: Independent, McPherson (front) and multilink (rear)
Brakes: Ventilated discs
Tires: 235/55 R17
Tank: 47 liters
Trunk: 466 liters
Weight: 1,381 kg
Multimedia: 8 inches, with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connections
Positive points: Interior comfort, well-tuned suspension, performance and utility
Negative points: Foot parking brake and lack of wireless connectivity
Height: 4.64 meters
Width: 1.81 m
Height: 1.45 m
Wheelbase: 2.71 m

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