The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class brings a new dimension to digital luxury

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class brings a new dimension to digital luxury

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class marks the transition from the internal combustion engine to electric power systems. It also provides a comprehensive digital user experience with its new electronic architecture.

The new E-Class has traditional three-volume sedan proportions (Length: 4,949 mm, Width: 1,880 mm, Height: 1,468 mm). The long hood of the car, which has a short extension of the front axle, is followed by a cockpit set far back. The design of the rear cabin, set back, has a trunk extension that follows it horizontally. At 2,961 mm, the wheelbase is 22 mm longer than the previous generation E-Class.

The glossy surface, similar to the radiator panel of the Mercedes-EQ models, serves as an aesthetic link between the redesigned sports lights and the radiator grille. The radiator grille, which is designed in three dimensions, can get a creative, classic or sporty look depending on the exterior design concept. Instead of the standard high-performance LED lights, DIGITAL LIGHT can be recommended as an option. Regardless of which type of headlamp is recommended, its design makes itself visible at any time of the day or night. The headlight design, which is a Mercedes-Benz design tradition and reminiscent of the eyebrow line, also shows itself in the new E-Class. On the hood of the car, there are power domes emphasizing the sport.

The car’s profile view shows the balance of the body, thanks to the rear-mounted cabin. Concealed door handles used in Mercedes-Benz models can be purchased as an option. Characteristic lines on the side emphasize the sporty character of the car.

At the rear, two-piece LED taillights with a new contour and special design are visible. The Mercedes-Benz star motif on each of the taillights stands out at any time of the day.

E 180 engine option specific to the Turkish market

In the Turkish market, two different engine options, one with petrol and one with diesel, will be offered in the first stage, E 180 and E 220 d 4MATIC.

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Except in the Turkish market, the E 180 M 254 engine includes the most advanced engine technologies, including NANOSLIDE cylinder coating or CONICSHAPE cylinder expansion. The E180, which offers a driving experience with its rear-wheel drive, will be produced only in Turkey in the world, with a 167 horsepower (25 kW) internal gasoline engine and a 22 horsepower (17 kW) electric motor. .

The OM 654 M version in the E 220 d 4MATIC (WLTP: average fuel consumption: 5.7-4.9 lt/100 km, average CO2 emissions: 149-130 g/km) also includes advanced engine technologies and attracts attention with its high level of efficiency. .. Both engines come with a 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission as standard.

AIRMATIC comes as an option.

The new E-Class offers agility and superior road holding thanks to the front wheels, each of which is precisely steered by four control arms. The independent five-link rear axle provides maximum stability on bends. The springs and shock absorbers on the front axles are connected to one strut and do not participate in the steering of the wheels. Therefore, the suspension system can provide sensitive responses. A small front frame and rear axle carrier keep the suspension and body free of vibration and noise. The front track width of the new E-Class is 1.634 mm and the rear track width is 1.648 mm. In addition, the wheels can have different rim options up to 21 inches.

An optional technical package is offered in the new E-Class. The technical package includes the adaptive AIRMATIC air suspension system with continuously adjustable ADS+ shock absorbers and rear axle steering. That is why the AIRMATIC suspension with the ADS+ damping system always guarantees maximum comfort at a high level of precision. AIRMATIC also keeps the vehicle’s ground clearance constant with its level control function, regardless of the vehicle’s load, or allows it to change to the required level. The new E-Class exhibits dynamic and balanced driving characteristics with optional rear axle steering and a more balanced front axle ratio. The rear axle, which has a steering angle of 4.5 degrees, can reduce the turning circle by a maximum of 90 centimeters. behind the wheel.