The new Lexus LBX will probably look like this.  The variety of drives is no longer surprising –

The new Lexus LBX will probably look like this. The variety of drives is no longer surprising –

Although the official debut of the new Lexus LBX is not scheduled until June 5, the independent graphics team may have revealed its appearance based on the official trailer.

The close relationship with Toyota gives Lexus a cost-effective basis for its first cars. Thanks to this, he can develop his portfolio even in areas that he might not have thought of before. A good example is the upcoming LBX sub-model, whose debut is scheduled for June 5 in Milan, Italy. This shows that Europe in particular will be happy about his arrival.

There is little official information about the new product, but it is said to share the base with the Toyota Yaris Cross. It probably has a common TNGA-B platform under the hood, but the range of engines is still a question. In the Czech market, the Yaris Cross is available with a 125-horsepower gasoline engine, mated to a 6-speed manual, and automatic Multidrive. The alternative is a hybrid with the same amount of 116 horses, front-wheel drive or all four wheels.

Earlier this week, Lexus released a short video with a pair of images showing the basic shape of the LBX. These documents were enough for independent designers from Kolesa to complete the rest of the car.

The LBX will have ultra-slim headlights and curved daytime running lights. Both parts will be connected visually with a silver balance bar. A curved front bumper can also be seen, the main part of which is occupied by a wide grille with black filling. The shape of the rear can only be guessed, as Lexus only revealed a light signature and a strap across the entire width of the car. The completion of the rest of the back is the basis of the current UX, from which the base model of the LBX falls. But the designers chose a smooth trunk lid and left the “A” edge that shows the shape of the front mask.