Kia is gearing up more than ever with the all-electric EV9 and soon, it will offer a high-performance GT version that follows in the footsteps of the smaller EV6 GT. This is our first time seeing the car in the flesh.

This heavily disguised model of the boxy SUV was recently spotted during cold-weather testing in Sweden. Although much of the exterior has been shielded from view, we don’t expect the EV9 GT to look radically different from the current model. After all, most of the EV6 GT’s body remains the same as the sub-range and it will probably be a similar story to the EV9 GT.

One of the most significant changes seen on this model is the green brake calipers, just like those on the EV6 GT. We expect the SUV to also come standard with a unique set of wheels that will look even better than this model’s placeholders. The EV9’s rear spoiler may also grow a bit larger and the brand’s designers may have made minor adjustments to the front and rear.

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    The New Kia EV9 GT Will Be an Electric SUV on Steroids
Photo Credit: SH Proshots/CarScoops

The most significant improvement will be found under the skin. Like the EV6 GT, the EV9 GT will feature a pair of more powerful electric motors, likely matching the flagship EV6’s 576 hp, but we wouldn’t be surprised if, due to the SUV’s massive increase, Kia modifies these engines to produce more than 600 hp.

Several interior improvements can also be expected, including green accents and different stitching like the EV6 GT. We’re hoping that the EV9 GT’s little sibling’s sport bucket seats won’t be standard but optional as we’re not convinced that performance SUV buyers will want those hard seats.

Kia has confirmed the EV9 GT will be released in early 2025.

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