The new Fiat Fastback 2022-2023, a 25,000 euro SUV that includes the famous BMW and Mercedes.

The new Fiat Fastback 2022-2023, a 25,000 euro SUV that includes the famous BMW and Mercedes.

Fiat Fastback 2022-2023 It is an SUV coupe inspired by the concept car of the same name released 4 years ago. The design, as described by the car manufacturer, is made like a sculpture made to the smallest detail. In the field of cars it often happens that concepts revealed by manufacturers are produced many years later.

And this is exactly the case with the Fiat Fastback, which is just arriving on the market today. With the coupé profile, its aim is to compete in the market with very strong competitors using some of the high-end marching solutions such as BMW and Mercedes. We just have to see all the details up close:

Fiat Fastback 2022-2023 powertrain

Fiat Fastback has a chrome finish around the front and rear bumpers, the muscular bonnet, the active air intake, the horizontal LED light signatures, as well as the sports wheels in which the diamond finish is used. The decisive line marks the profile of this elevated SUV, whose waistline is decidedly high. The body of the new Fiat Fastback is 4.43 m long and hides a 600 liter boot under the tailgate.

Its technical basis is that of a compact Heart beat, is only sold on the other side of the Atlantic. There are some minor differences, of course, such as the slightly redesigned light signature or the rear tailgate that creates a slight spoiler at the rear, but overall the profile is quite similar.

No electric motors, though supercharged gasoline engines that use gasoline and ethanol. You can choose between the 1.0 Turbo Flex that develops 130 HP and 200 Nm and the smaller version of the Abarth Fiat Fastback powered by the 1.5 Turbo Flex that develops 185 HP and 270 Nm. The first relies on a CVT gearbox, the second uses a six-speed conventional one for one.

Fiat Fastback 2022-2023: considerations and price

Its water features make it stand out moving even when standing still. The Fiat Fastback was designed to be the perfect combination of the best of every segment of the automotive market. A new SUV with strong lines and a roof with a deep drop in the back like the rear, which takes its name, and which has turbo engines.

Its front design is very good Modern, contemporary and sports, with an aerodynamic bumper and a three-dimensional honeycomb grille, which is very popular these days. In addition to its powerful design, this coupe SUV has a touch that gives it elegance and sportiness thanks to its two-tone color. Its clean interior design conveys an inviting cabin feel for all occupants, with a high driving position conveying a sense of safety.

At the time of writing, New Fiat Fastback It is reserved for the Brazilian market only. The manufacturer is now part of the Stellantis group, sales in Italy cannot be excluded. Price? Around 25,000 euros for the Fiat Fastback and around 29,000 euros for the top version of the Abarth.