The new era of Juve is passing from the “accountants” (and that is not said to be a bad thing).  Inter, the renewal of Skriniar and the “Arab” times.  Stay tuned for Conte’s market…

The new era of Juve is passing from the “accountants” (and that is not said to be a bad thing). Inter, the renewal of Skriniar and the “Arab” times. Stay tuned for Conte’s market…

© photo by Federico DeLuca

In memory of Christmas, four bales in mercy. First things first: if you haven’t shouted “both!” after the drawing of the first number in Tombola, we can’t be friends. I cared. If you yelled, keep going.
Second thing: if a conspiracy theory wasn’t the main character of your Christmas meal in some way, then we can’t be friends. It is unlikely that you also do not have an older cousin who is convinced that pos is a vehicle in which covid spreads, but only in Putin’s Russia and in any case “it is very cold in America, apart from global warming”. If you also have this older cousin, go ahead.
The third thing: if at dinner no relative put salt on the grill in the form of a stupid cook who invaded the final field, then it means that you live in a family of ordinary people and therefore, no, you can. t continue. If, on the other hand, you are the one who imitated the salty chef, then go ahead.
We’d love to keep writing fake news, but Mercante’s big Fiera tour is about to start and we have to stay tuned.
Serious things and, therefore, certainly less interesting.

Santo Stefano’s Day Juventus – or rather, Exor – has announced the names of the new board members, who will be elected on January 18. These are Mr. Gianluca Ferrero, Maurizio ScandinavianDiego Pistone and the so-called “independent” candidates Fioranna Vittoria Negri and Laura Cappiello.
If you’re thinking “but what do they have to do with football?” you got the point: nothing. And that’s not a bad thing at all. We will not stop here and list the skills of your gentlemen – there are many -, just know that on the transportation of people with a counter cock (said in French), called to correct a situation that is no longer sustainable. Someone more professional than yours might call them “technicians”.
The decision of Exor – and therefore Elkann – has exactly two meanings: on the one hand, the majority shareholder wants to tell those who have been searching the accounts for weeks “we agree with you, stop the careless management of recent years. ” , on the other hand we address followers as if we are saying “forget about useless spending, let’s go back to the old days”. And “past” does not mean “goodbye to dreams of glory”, on the contrary.
Andrea Agnelli gave his best not when he had high access to money, as much as when he had high access to ideas and capable partners. Players who cost 4 cents arrived and made millions. Here, Juve wants (but above all must) return to that kind of light management and the necessary action is exactly what leads to the “technicians” very strong. Then it will be time for various Del Pieros and “field” experts, but only after important internal restoration.
(Some daredevils shout “both” even after four children, but then you need to have guts with years and years of experience. Let’s continue).
The rest are small things. By the way, we saw Antonio again And you in the fist day of the story. His Tottenham did not go further than a draw, and even if 2-2 came with the best result, one can imagine that the former coach is as angry as the wolf from the Tavoliere. And when he gets angry, Conte, “demands”. Here, in the market – that of January – where not the lira will turn (we always say, but this time more), Spurs will give at least several grafts to their leader. Even just ensure “yes” on the renewal of the contract.
(Christmas pearl of wisdom: “You get old when you go from opening envelopes to having to stuff them”. Let’s move on).

Several lies on the matter Skriniar, a player with an expiring contract but “by Christmas we will be sure in one direction or the other” (mentioned by the undersigned). Here, coward. The new “dead line” has been shown in mid-January, ie before the Nerazzurri leave for Saudi Arabia. The offer is always the same: 6 million + bonus, the highest requirements. We are working on the bonuses mentioned above in hopes of finding a hard meeting place. Without talking about “pessimism” or “optimism”, it only depends on the player: if a legitimate (and we emphasize “legitimate”) financial question arises, then there will be no game; on the contrary, he will be the captain of the team that has helped make him great again. And it will deserve a lot of applause (the penny always rules…).
(I’ve never seen anyone eat veins. Yet I’ve always had them at the dinner table. Tons of them. The ultimate mystery of veins. Let’s move on).
It is very good to emphasize the good gesture of Georgina Rodriguez, the companion of Ronaldo very much. In her beloved time of trouble, Miss Cr7 chooses to give a sign of solidarity to the unemployed like her husband and gave him a Rolls Royce worth 350,000 euros. It is clear to spit presentation on social networks, God forbid. One thing is like saying: don’t think to be like us even by mistake. What a class, what a wonder, what a tribute to a car.
(I won 8 euros with the “shoemaker” card at the Mercante in Fiera. I was as happy as Lele Adani at Messi’s First Communion. The Mercante in Fiera is the Devil’s game and nerves are Beelzebub’s food. And that’s for sure. Happy December 27, the calendar date is often misused).