The new electric Volkswagens will have a range of up to 700 km

The new electric Volkswagens will have a range of up to 700 km

Volkswagen it invests more and more resources and energy in its development electric cars. They will be born on MEB+ platformthe one designed specifically for electric vehicles, the basis of which will be more revolutionary because it will have to have a more revolutionary technology than the current one.

Next time Volkswagen electric cars it will have single cell batteries, compared to the current range, not only the range will change, it will go from the current about 500 km to 700 km, but also the charging times will be very low, thanks to the high power between 175 and 200 kW.

By 2026, ten new electric cars from Volkswagen will be delivered

New models that will aim to keep not only premium, VW will also launch one new electric car the lowest end by 2026, a city ​​car and zero production that will have a list price of more than 20,000 euros.

Therefore, the goal remains only one, that of the challenge Tesla on world markets to steal the lead among electric vehicles, starting from 2019, the year of launch ID. 3the progress made by the German car brand in the sector of zero emissions is visible, more than 500,000 five-door compacts were sold, if we also consider other brands of the Group and the same platform used, MEB, then they are increasing. to 670,000 units sold.

So the upgrade is scheduled for 2025, it will get there MEB+ platform capable of making high-density home batteries than the current one, will be an interesting innovation, because it will have the task of guiding new production towards a definite step forward. new SSP platform (short for A scalable systems platform), which will also be used by other brands, Audi And Porsche together.