The new electric step from BMW: This time it’s not the car standing in front of us

Electric vehicles are becoming more common, with many automakers shifting at least some of their production to battery-powered electric models. However, the transition to electricity in other modes of transport is not happening at the same speed.

BMW wants to change that. They usually build luxury yachts TYDE Partnering with BMW, built an all-electric boat. The company used racing yacht technology to build this boat. However, this is not really a yacht; a deck boat that looks like it can hold several people. The maximum speed of the boat is 30 knots or about 34 miles per hour. In contrast, Jaguar’s liquid-fuel boat, which broke the speed record in 2018, can reach a speed of 148 miles per hour.

Known for composing soundtracks for BMW, The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean and many others. Hans ZimmerHe uses a special composition of ‘ for promoting the boat and especially the sound system. According to the press release, the onboard sound system supports Dolby Atmos to provide “excellent sound quality.”

There is no information about the price of the boat. However, you don’t have to be a prophet to predict that its price will be higher than the price of your current home.

While it’s a wonderful collaborative product at the end of the day, the good news is that the car no longer burns gas and instead runs on renewable energy. Perhaps this move could cause a wake-up call for the yachting industry…