The new Dacia Duster was caught on the highway in Romania.  What picture did you take?  |

The new Dacia Duster was caught on the highway in Romania. What picture did you take? |

A few days before the official PREMIERE of the new Dacia Duster, photos of a copy caught on a Romanian highway appeared on the Internet. The silhouette of the popular SUV of the third generation is clearly visible on them.

A week ago we returned from Lisbon, where we participated in the first press presentation of the new Dacia Duster. We will only be able to post material from this premiere on November 29th, and now, a week before this post, we have pictures straight from Romania for you. The latest Duster was photographed during testing on the highway near Mioveni.

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The car is still hidden, but the silhouette and proportions are clearly visible. The veneer does not cover the company’s glass accent color – because the new SUV will use the same color scheme as other models, i.e. earth tones and color accents.

The images also show the outline of the taillights and the attractive shape of the rear spoiler. However, the photographer failed to capture the interior. In the new SUV, the manufacturer includes, among others: on LPG – the base of the supply will be the engine and installation of factory gas. There certainly won’t be a plug-in hybrid or diesel.

The first public presentation of the new Dacia Duster will take place on November 29. It is worth checking our material on that day, because we have a lot of interesting information about this new model for you. However, we have to wait for their publication.

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The new SUV will be available in Polish showrooms in May. Orders should start in the first quarter of 2024. It is also possible that the first demonstration units will arrive in Poland earlier.

image source: Car Spotter Romania / Facebook

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