The new Dacia Duster is coming: It has more equipment and a hybrid car

The new Dacia Duster is coming: It has more equipment and a hybrid car

November 30, 2023 at 2:18 am I

The gas version remains, the hybrid is added.

Stronger, better equipped and with a more unique design. However, the new Dacia Duster of the third generation, which will come to the market next year, can be shortened.

The novel Romanian brand should continue to be economical, but also more ecological and ready for the most demanding customers.

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in terms of design, it is based on the Bigster concept, which was presented back in 2021. Strong lines give the car a more powerful appearance, which should look more exterior and modern. The handle of the second pair of doors was hidden in the pillar, and in general the car has a wide seat.

Duster changes from the ground up, it uses the CMF-B chassis platform, which we know from Renault Arkana or Nissan Juke, for example. It did not change in height, but it was able to consolidate more space in the interior. Rear passengers have gained 30 millimeters in front of their knees, the trunk of the front-wheel drive version now has 472 liters, that is 30 liters more.

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Rich tools and smart solutions on board

At first glance, the interior is similar to the previous Duster after the latest modernization, but it offers better equipment and smart solutions.

Dacia already introduced the YouClip attachment system and the Manifesto concept, which allows you to add various accessories. There can be six holders in the interior, for example a purse, another mug or an additional light can be attached to them.

Brand new is the central 10.1-inch screen, which is slightly angled towards the driver. It gives the best picture and menu has more features. For example, you can set the heating of the steering wheel, seats or windshield directly in the menu. Wireless connectivity for Android Auto and Apple Car Play is standard.