The new Dacia Duster 3 in pictures from the promotional video.  Leak before the premiere |

The new Dacia Duster 3 in pictures from the promotional video. Leak before the premiere |

There are still two days left until the premiere of the new Dacia Duster 3, and the first leaks have appeared on the Internet. Several images of the new car come from the promotional video and you can see a lot of it.

The new Dacia Duster is getting closer and more information is emerging. Two days before the premiere, snippets of the promotional film were leaked online, which already reveals a lot. And although the images are low resolution, you can see some interesting details here.

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In the photos that appeared on the Internet, you can see the silhouette of the car and details of the interior. Several frames show the car from the side and from above.

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There is also a view of the front of the car, which shows a completely new look for the headrests and the hood with a characteristic embossment in the middle.

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One of the photos also shows a piece of the interior with a new digital clock. This piece of film also allows you to see the characteristic shape of the new dashboard, which closely matches the look of the car.

The silhouette of the car from the side is also seen in the final frame from the film. You can see references to other models here, including Jogger. However, the whole thing looks great.

We invite you to watch the full report from the premiere of Dacia Duster 3 on November 29 at 10:00. We’ll have plenty of material for you about the new model, including engine recommendations, expected LPG and hybrid developments as well as 4×4 drives. Our special correspondent for the premiere will also prepare a set of high-resolution images of the new model.

All this on November 29 – we invite you to watch it in the morning.

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