The new Citroen C3 X SUV has been spotted and is set to come to Brazil

The new Citroen C3 X SUV has been spotted and is set to come to Brazil

Apparently, Stellantis will not have only one type of SUV on the Brazilian market, and the news will come from Citroën. Its name, which has not yet been defined, is C3 Car Magazine met recently.

Currently, however, the model is in the development phase, and will also be available in India. In fact, here comes the news of the C3 X image, which is still being tested, as well as its estimate, an estimate of what the model will look like, courtesy of Coach India. In the image, it is expected that the model maintains the appearance inspired by the C4 X and C5 X models, for example.

Autocar India/Production

In these models, the idea is to combine elements from two body types, sedan and coupe, in one. In the photo, despite the camouflage, it can be seen that the model will use the same doors as the C3 models, for example, as a hatch or Aircross SUV. The application is described by the CMP platform, common among cars. Differences occur in the back doors, due to different recommendations.

Therefore, trunks and lamps will have unique designs for example. The sides and front must be kept the same, and the back will serve as the main point of difference between the three variants of the platform. In terms of dimensions, the model is expected to have the same wheelbase as the Aircross SUV, measuring 2.67 meters, for example.

Citroen C3 X will focus on the interior space

Autocar India/Production

However, in terms of height, it is possible to expect something up to 4.40 meters. One of the reasons for this is the need for interior space, one of the most important points to justify an SUV. Furthermore, considering the family proposal, a large trunk is also important, such as the Fiat Fastback, for example.

The model, if it comes to Brazil, will have to be made in the Citroën factory in Porto Real (RJ), which recently announced the receipt of investment in its factory. Finally, the future C3 X will feature a 1.0 turbo engine, borrowed from the Aircross sibling, and widely used by the Stellantis product line.

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