The new Caterham EV Seven shows that an electric sports car doesn’t have to be heavy

The new Caterham EV Seven shows that an electric sports car doesn’t have to be heavy

Little by little, brands are starting to bet on electric sports cars. Even though petrol heads Most purifiers don’t have it all, there are few doubts about their superiority in terms of performance, since examples such as the wild Rimac Nevera have shown that they can equal or even exceed the majority of thermal recommendations on the market.

One of its main weaknesses is that, although its acceleration stats are amazing, it is still very heavy. A problem that Caterham has decided to solve with the presentation of the zero version of the Super Seven, a two-seater with more than fifty years of experience created from the legendary Lotus Seven (1957-1973).

Currently, the Caterham EV Seven is shown in the form of concept, although it has been confirmed that the British company is working on its arrival in production. Two working prototypes will make their debut next time Goodwood Festival of Speedwhich will be held in July.

Caterham has had the help of a specialist Swindon Powertrain for the development of the train, which combines a motor 240 HP and 250 Nm with a battery of 51 kWh total (40 kWh useful). Located on the floor of the car, the pack has an immersion cooling system supplied by Motul.

Caterham EV Seven

The Caterham EV Seven won’t hit the market any time soon

Thanks to this efficient solution, it can charge with a maximum power of 152 kW with direct current. According to the company itself, the EV Seven will be able to do a 20-minute circuit on the circuit, stop charging 15 minutes and return to the track for another 20 minutes, more than enough numbers for a follow up day.

And only 701 kg empty, It is only 70 kg heavier than the petrol Seven 485, an important step that ensures that the philosophy of the car remains the same. It gets a limited slip differential, regenerative braking, adjustable Bilstein shock absorbers and four-piston brakes.

Bob Laishley, CEO of Caterhamhas confirmed that the EV Seven will not be sold anytime soon. “We believe that the Caterham Seven should be able to focus (and what is expected of it). We kept it simple and compared the performance of something that already exists. We try to be faithful to the production car. “I wouldn’t mind doing it as long as there is demand.”

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