The new BMW XM Red label covers the Urus with Purosangue –

The new BMW XM Red label covers the Urus with Purosangue –

BMW presented the Red Label, the top version of its flagship SUV, the XM. Which is after the M1 of the 80s the second exclusive model of M GmbH.

XM Red Label is distinguished from the standard version by the red elements of its body, while there are also red details in its interior.

But the feature that stands out is the combined performance of the plug-in hybrid system, which reaches 748 hp and 1,000 Nm, a value that exceeds the 666 hp produced by the V8 of the Lamborghini Urus and the 729 of the Lamborghini Purosangue. Sets which, however, are aerial and without any electrical support.

The increase in performance over the standard XM of 653 hp came exclusively from the 4,400 cc bi-turbo V8 from 489 hp to 585. There are no changes to the electrical part of the system, so the electric motor connected to the automatic transmission here also provides . 145 kW and the battery again has an energy capacity of 25.7 kWh.

So the electric range is 83 km, while 0-100 is a matter of just 3.7 seconds and the top speed rises with the M Drivers Package from 250 km/h to 290.

Interestingly, standard equipment includes M Professional suspension and M brakes with six-piston front calipers.

The BMW XM Label Red will begin production at BMW’s American plant, while its price has not yet been announced. Even the special edition of Individual Frozen Carbon Black metal which will be produced only 500 times. However, the standard XM starts in our country from 192,092 euros, so the Red Label will be more expensive.