The new BMW 5 Series, on the market in 2023 along with the electric i5

The new BMW 5 Series, on the market in 2023 along with the electric i5

He has a goal to achieve, BMW. 2023 will have to be the year in which it will get the number of sales of electric cars equal to 15% of the total.

In presenting the results for 2022, the year in which it achieved sales of 2,100,692 units (-5.1%), the Munich company confirmedsales launch of the new BMW 5 Series and BMW i5 models during 2023 (read the 10 most awaited new cars this year)

“The clear goal will be to continue the increase in electric mobility. The next step will be, by 2023, to get 15% of the total sales from electric vehicles”explained BMW sales manager Pieter Nota.

CLAR architecture and OS 8.5 infotainment

The Project 5/i5 Series marks a major change for the business sedan. In the E segment it will continue to offer a multi-energy architecture, the improved CLAR allows you to exclusively offer thermal, hybrid and electric hybrid engines. PHEV performance and electric models that, in BMW (here you can find models on the market used)recorded the most important sign in 2022, with 372,956 units in +35.6% year-on-year.

The i5 is expected with more drive variants and power levels and will be differentiated in design through details such as the grille and taillights.

Both sedans will depend on the evolution of the infotainment segment, and the introduction ofiDrive 8.5. It will continue to depend on the Linux operating systemlike iDrive 8, but the system will integrate graphics and customization features that we will see in BMW OS 9.0, built around Android Automotive Open Source.