The new Amarok, the best choice for work from Volkswagen

The new Amarok, the best choice for work from Volkswagen

The new Amarok is ready for launch. A very powerful pick-up, a work tool on wheels – studied in every detail, from the cab to the luggage box. It is powered by powerful but efficient turbo engines and two different all-wheel drive systems. On board, depending on the equipment, more than 25 support systems, displays up to 12.3 inches, a practical combination of digital and analog controls and advanced equipment make the pickup an important step ahead of the previous model, which was. sold over 830,000 units

The The new Amarok, the best choice from Volkswagen Commercial Vehiclesis ready to enter the market. Equipped with state-of-the-art assistance systems and controls, the vehicle presents itself as a robust and versatile tool, capable of handling any task, professional and recreational.

The Amarok is powered by powerful and efficient turbo engines, including three four-cylinder turbo diesels (TDI), one six-cylinder TDI and four-cylinder turbo petrol (only available in certain markets). In addition, it has a 4MOTION all-wheel drive system with individually adjustable drive modes and a towing weight of up to 3,500 kg.

Inside the Amarok, trim levels include more than 25 support systems, displaying up to 12.3 inches, a combination of digital and analog controls and high-quality materials, which make this picture even bigger than the previous model, sold for more than 830,000. units worldwide.

The top versions of the Amarok are the “PanAmericana” (Off-Road Style) and “Aventura” (Exclusive Style), both with a single front end. The base version, available in Europe, includes LED lights and a 170 PS (125 kW) turbodiesel as standard.

In addition, the Amarok has a more functional luggage box with a load of up to 1.19 tons and a carrying capacity of up to 1,550 liters. The car’s exterior design has also been refreshed, with new dynamic lines and a honeycomb front grille making it more attractive.

Furthermore, the new Amarok was developed according to sustainability principles, reducing CO2 emissions and using environmentally friendly materials in its production.

In summary, the new Amarok presents itself as a high-quality pickup, equipped with innovative technology and advanced support systems, able to meet the work and leisure needs of its owners, efficiently and sustainably.