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The car’s international media launch was held in Istanbul. Sharing a video message at the event, Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato spoke about the potential of the Italian brand in Turkey.

The organization managed by Alfa Romeo Türkiye Brand Director Özgür Süslü; Francesco Calcara, Head of Global Marketing and Communications at Alfa Romeo, and Daniel Guzzafame, Head of Product.

Imparato used the following statements; ‘Turkey is one of the most potential markets in the EMEA region and Tofaş is an important commercial and industrial partner of Stellantis. Turkey is a very important market for Alfa Romeo.

Therefore, we are happy to hold the international launch of the Alfa Romeo Tonale in Istanbul. Alfa Romeo will be one of the key players in the main Turkish market with its new range of products.

Tonale is the first step among important steps in this journey. I wish you a great adventure and driving experience with Tonale’


Regarding the brand’s goals, Francesco Calcara said, “Our brand aims to be the fastest brand in the automotive industry on the road to carbon neutrality. The brand’s road map on the road to zero emissions is very clear. In 2023, a rechargeable hybrid version of the Tonale will go on sale. In 2024, in addition to the brand’s electric engine range, we will offer internal combustion engines that will be included in the product range. By 2027, the entire range of Alfa Romeo products will be electric and we will see that the brand has reached its goal of zero emissions.

Brand Director of Alfa Romeo Turkey Özgür Süslü mentioned that with the introduction of the car in March, it received 20 thousand orders in Europe. Süslü made the following statements: We opened Tonale for pre-order in our country in July. The fact that our first 100 cars were sold in 15 minutes online confirmed the interest in the model in our country.

We expect the positive market response to accelerate by adding a diesel engine option to our product range and plug-in hybrid offerings in the future. Stating that compact SUVs make up the largest part of the premium car market in Turkey with a share of 21.5%, Süslü said, “By adding Tonale to the product range, we surpassed last year’s sales figures in the first 9 months of the year. “We see that we will reach more than five times the number of sales. A new and growing period for the Alfa Romeo brand in Turkey begins with the Tonale,” he said.

According to the information provided by Süslü, Alfa Romeo, which sold a total of around 200 cars in Turkey last year, aims to sell 1000 units this year. Stating that diesel engines make up 30 percent of the SUV market in Turkey, Süslü said, “Diesel has a special importance for the Turkish market. We also know from market research that almost 50 percent of car buyers in Turkey will choose their car next. for diesel. I believe the Tonale will be a useful alternative, especially for companies and long-distance drivers.”


The Tonale, whose special edition hybrid engine ‘Edizione Specile’ opened for pre-orders in July, was offered for sale in three different trim levels as Sprint, Ti and Veloce from October. Under the hood of the Tonale, 1.5-liter hybrid and 1.6-liter diesel engines serve.

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Tonale’s 160 hp hybrid power unit consists of a 1.5 liter 4-cylinder turbo petrol engine and a 15 kW electric motor and a 48 volt battery.

In this version, the hybrid engine transfers its power to the wheels through a 7-speed automatic transmission.

The 1.6 liter diesel power unit produces 130 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque. This engine, which comes with a front wheel drive system, is offered with a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission option.

When we look under the hood, we see that it has 4 different engines, 1.3 (275 HP), 1.5 (130 HP and 160 HP), 1.6 and 2.0 (256 HP) and 2 different transmission options, 6 and 9 automatic speeds.

Let’s also point out that the 1.3 L engine comes with PHEV (plug-in hybrid) support, making it more powerful than the 2.0 L model.

PHEV electric motors come with 15.5 kW batteries. In this way, you can use the car only on electricity.

But when fully loaded, it offers a range of 60 km, enough for the city. In addition, with the help of a 7.5 kW charge, you can fill from 0 to 100 in 2.5 hours.

In addition, when we look at the Tonale’s technological equipment, including features such as adaptive cruise control and emergency braking, you can optionally include level 2 steering in the package.

You can also control features like wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto from the 10.25-inch multimedia screen.


Tonale is offered for sale at a price starting from 1 million 249 thousand TL until October.