The new Abarth 500e electric range has arrived

The new Abarth 500e electric range has arrived

Edited by: Alexis Sfaelos

Fiat presented the new Abarth 500e electric range, which includes the 500e and 500e Turismo in hatchback and cabrio versions.

The new Abarth 500e marks the brand’s entry into its new era and offers performance and character thanks to new design features and sporty details. The new Abarth logo in dark gray is placed on the front of the hood and on the back to confirm its sporty character.

The new versions feature 17-inch alloy wheels with a new special design that gives a sharper look, as well as unique sporty side skirt lines, a Cool White front bumper spoiler, rear control panels and new mirror caps in the color Matt Gray.

As for the interior, dark interior trim, sports seats with ‘Scorpion stripes’, sports double stitching and a black vinyl steering wheel make the driving environment sportier and more enjoyable.

In front of the driver are 2 large screens, a 10.25-inch widescreen infotainment system and a 7″ TFT dial with Abarth-specific graphics available as standard.

The new top-of-the-line Turismo features unique 18-inch titanium gray alloy wheels with a diamond finish, while the interior uses Alcantara, a premium material that offers a sporty black look and excellent tactile feel. The leather/Alcantara steering wheel and Alcantara-textured dashboard also add a touch of sportiness and premium touch.

Sport seats with integrated headrests bring Acid-Green Scorpion badging to the interior, and double sports stitching provides visual continuity from the seats to the door panels.

The “signature” of Abarth which is its unmistakable sound, thanks to the Abarth sound generator, accompanies every journey with the 500e Turismo. This is a standard “Turismo” feature that focuses on engine performance, faithfully reproducing the sound of the Abarth petrol engine and the famous Record Monza exhaust.

In addition, the new Abarth 500e Turismo has a full range of comfort, technology and safety features, including heated front seats, wireless charging cradle, reversing camera and blind spot warning.

To complete the 360° sound experience of the New Abarth 500e Turismo, JBL brings its award-winning sound to the highest version, a combination that raises the adrenaline of every ride, with its powerful sound system.

With a 42 kWh battery and a powerful electric motor, the new Abarth 500e is faster than the petrol version and more exciting in urban and suburban driving, ensuring better overall performance.

With a battery range of up to 265 km and fast charging of up to 85 kW in direct current (DC), the new Abarth 500e guarantees plenty of driving excitement. To reduce its charging time, the new Abarth 500e has an 85 kW super fast charging system.

For example, it takes less than 5 minutes to build up enough energy storage for the daily needs of a kilometer (about 40 kilometers). When you’re in a hurry, quick charge reaches 80 percent in just 35 minutes to get you back on the road quickly and stress-free.

In addition, there is the eProWallbox, which offers great flexibility in terms of performance and cost and with adjustable charging power between 7.4 and 22 kW, is ideal for all applications.

At the beginning of summer, the opening of their orders and their prices are expected in the Greek market.