The new 100% electric BYD ETP3 is now available in Portugal to meet the needs of companies – Executive Digest

The new 100% electric BYD ETP3 is now available in Portugal to meet the needs of companies – Executive Digest

BYD ETP3 – a 100% electric car, which is part of BYD’s professional line, BYD PRO – has arrived in the national territory.

Designed with business needs in mind, the new model launched by the world’s leading manufacturer of electric vehicles (EV and PHEV) and electric batteries aims to respond to the everyday needs of companies. Under the slogan “Business is moving.”, BYD now offers a practical, efficient and sustainable solution for the company. This design has a volume of 3.5m3 covered in aluminum as standard with two sliding side doors, with the aim of increasing productivity in daily tasks. Additionally, the BYD ETP3 is also known for its spacious, comfortable cabin and intuitive touch screen.

When it comes to sustainable mobility, innovation is not left out in this new model. The new electric vehicle, BYD ETP3, is equipped with the latest 44.9 kWh BYD Blade Battery technology, which provides a range of 275 km in the urban cycle and 233 km in the combined cycle (WLTP). This revolutionary battery is safer, more powerful and offers greater freedom. The BYD Blade battery charges from 0 to 100% in just 60 minutes, providing more flexibility for professionals using the ETP3.

Designed to help companies grow their business, the BYD ETP3 is available for immediate delivery for only 26,900 euros within the scope of the campaign valid until December 31 (value without VAT and to which the costs of legalization, transport and painting are added).

Improved loading capacity and quick handling

The BYD ETP3 combines performance and efficiency with stylish and modern aesthetics. Perfectly planned from every angle, the BYD ETP3 has a gently sloping silhouette with an understated contour and a distinctive front face that gives the model a unique personality.

Despite being short, the BYD ETP3 was designed to maximize cargo capacity, making it a practical vehicle as well. The vehicle has a volume of 3.5 m³, a load capacity of 780 kg, and two sliding side doors and a rear door with a hatch for easy loading and unloading. Internal protective equipment helps prevent products from slipping during transport, including a non-slip and wear-resistant alloy floor and pull fasteners to secure cargo.

Attention to detail continues in the driver’s seat. The interior of the ETP3 was designed to provide the driver with the highest levels of comfort and convenience. The multi-function steering wheel and TFT instrument panel provide the driver with a variety of controls and information within easy reach, and the center console with a brushed metal finish has an elegant, modern touch. Standard equipment includes electric power steering, electric parking brake, radio, as well as automatic headlights activated by a light sensor in the rearview mirror. It detects light intensity and automatically turns on or off the lowest or dipped level.

BYD technology leads the world in safety, energy efficiency and performance

Pioneering EV technology, developed by BYD, is at the heart of the BYD ETP3 pure electric vehicle. With more than 28 years of experience in developing electric batteries, BYD is the world’s leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles. With extensive expertise in this field and unique R&D and production capabilities, as well as the benefits of 100% vertical supply chain integration, BYD brings incredible innovation to new commercial vehicle technologies. BYD is the only NEV (New Energy Vehicle) producer that manufactures its own powertrains, power batteries, automotive semiconductors, engines and engine control systems.

BYD’s innovation includes a world-class electronic platform, which reduces the weight of the BYD Portugal vehicle and incorporates a deeply integrated system for reliability, performance and energy efficiency. Maintenance becomes easier and faster, with less downtime, which results in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). The important thing is that the BYD ETP3 platform is built to the standard of passenger cars, providing more safety and a better driving experience.

To further increase the safety and performance of the BYD ETP3, the model integrates the revolutionary Blade Battery, an innovation developed by BYD. The completely safe BYD Blade battery is 100% cobalt-free and uses lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material, which ensures high thermal stability and is less affected by temperature changes.

The model can withstand more charge and discharge cycles with almost no loss of capacity. The BYD Blade battery passes a rigorous nail penetration test as well as other testing procedures including a crush test, an oven test and an overload test, none of these tests resulted in a fire or explosion, making the BYD Blade a safety leader in the expanding EV . market. Unique raised cells resemble “blades” and are arranged in a matrix, then inserted into a set of batteries. The battery pack has a sandwich design with high-strength panels for added rigidity. The battery pack design also increases space utilization by 50%. Together, these advantages make BYD Blade Battery a global leader in electric vehicle battery innovation.