The much anticipated announcement for the Skoda Superb has arrived

The much anticipated announcement for the Skoda Superb has arrived

After saying goodbye to the Passat with a sedan body type, the eyes of the Skoda Superb will continue with its new generation.

On the Volkswagen front, the Skoda Superb, which is the new king of the D segment, will continue to be in our lives for a long time, with a farewell step to the sedan body type taken in the Passat’s goal. Responsible for maintaining an internal combustion model option within the group, Skoda keeps many of its current models in the game to meet the expectations of a generation of consumers. Finally, the expected announcement came through the official channels of the Skoda Superb, which has been in development for some time. It has been announced that the product range, which we are about to introduce step by step, has completed an extensive cold test carried out in the Arctic. Within the scope of the research, the vehicles passed durability and quality tests at -30 degrees Celsius.

Along with the Skoda Superb, the Kodiaq goes to the next generation

The second-generation Kodiaq, which we expect to launch at the same time as the fourth-generation Superb, is at the heart of these efforts. In these tests for cars, the effects of snow and ice on the body are also tested. Ensuring that all mechanical and electronic components work properly, Škoda ensures that the engine always runs smoothly. In addition, the doors, hood, trunk lid and charge lid and fuel tank lid for hybrid vehicles can be opened in such difficult conditions.


Cabin features are also included in the cold test program. In extra cold conditions, the performance of the heating system and the temperature of the cabin were measured. In addition, it is important to quickly clear the fog from the windows, and the performance of the seat, steering wheel and the glass heating element to work as desired. In conditions where the temperature drops below zero, the response of the central touch screen is also desired to be smooth. As part of its new car development program, Škoda claims to push the limits of true durability by putting all its models through extensive testing.