The mother of a war victim was arrested for allegedly kidnapping Pashinyan’s son

A criminal case has been opened regarding the kidnapping of Ashot Pashinyan, the son of the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan. Three people were detained in connection with the kidnapping of Ashot Pashinyan, and Gayane Hakobyan, the mother of Jora Martirosyan, who died in the Second Karabakh War, was arrested.

Ashot Pashinyan, who submitted a request to the official authorities about the incident that happened on May 17, said he went to the families who lost their children in the war near his house, raised their voices and others to demand answers. According to Pashinyan, one of the women offered to get into her car that was parked nearby, so that they could talk calmly, and when she got into the car, the woman unexpectedly said that they would drive a little further. Security forces are investigating the incident [komite] The statement includes an explanation of Ashot Pashinyan’s statement: “The woman while in the car started talking about the war in 2020, the loss of land and people. Seeing the woman is behaving strangely, driving above the speed limit and violating traffic rules [Paşinyan] He asked him to stop the car so that he could get out of the car. The woman said that her son was taken and killed without being asked, that he had nothing to lose, that she could kill him. So, without asking him, he went to Yerablur. [Yerablur Askerî Anıt Mezarlığı, Dağlık Karabağ savaşında hayatını kaybeden askerlerin defnedildiği mezarlık] He said he would take him and he will decide to release him or not while there.”

According to Ashot Pashinyan, the car threw itself out while in motion, and a few seconds later a white Toyota car hit it when it stopped. In the Police statement, “When he turned his back on the driver and passenger of the car in question [ölen askerlerin] He found out that he had parents. He immediately entered the mall area for his own safety,” it said.

Camera footage of this incident also appeared on the Internet. In the photo, it appears that Pashinyan jumped out of the car, then another car turned and hit him.

Gayane Hakobyan, the mother of the arrested witness, was arrested on May 17. The court ordered Hakobyan to be detained for one month. The woman who announced the hunger strike claimed that Pashinyan had no intention of kidnapping her son.

Other families of witnesses who support the arrested Gayane Hakobyan have gathered in front of the court for a few days and want the mother of the witness to be released. Among the protestors are prominent members and supporters of the opposition parties ‘Armenia’ and ‘I am honored’. 10 opposition deputies submitted requests to the court individually for Hakobyan’s release.

Following the decision to arrest, protesters blocked some streets in the capital Yerevan. Demonstrators marching in front of the government building announced that ‘parents of soldiers killed in the war’ began to sit in indefinitely in Cumhuriyet Square.