The most viewed videos on Youtube in 2022: here are what they are by category.  From Blanco and Mahmood to the world’s simplest puzzle

The most viewed videos on Youtube in 2022: here are what they are by category. From Blanco and Mahmood to the world’s simplest puzzle

Cold” is not just the most played song Spotify in 2022but also “wins” as the most viewed music video of 2022 YouTube and over 71 million views. Great success for the winning song of Sanremo Music Festival 2022signed and interpreted by Mahmood and Blanco. In second place in the music video chart is the summer hit “Sweet life“Yeah Fedez with Tananai and Mara Satteianother third song from last summer”Caramel“Yeah Rocco Hunt and Elettra Lamborghini. The creator Jack Noble has swept the world’s easiest puzzle Shorts (YouTube’s short format) crowd, attracting more than 8.5 million viewers. It reigns among the most popular (non-musical) videos in Italy Federico Martelli with his performance of “Bello Bello” in “Italia’s Got Talent” with more than 4 million and 600 thousand views.

MUSIC VIDEOS – 1. Mahmood’s Cold and Blanco 2. La dolce vita by Fedez, Tananai and Mara Sattei 3. Caramello by Rocco Hunt and Elettra Lamborghini 4. Ciao Ciao by La Representative di Lista 5. Butterflies by Sangiovanni 6. Ovunque Sarai by Irama 7. Tropicana by Boomdabash and Anna Dove. dance by Dargen D’Amico 9. Midnight swim by Elodie 10. Extasi by Fred De Palma

VIDEOS (NON MUSIC) – 1.”Bello bello” by Federico Martelli in Italy’s Got Talent 2. A Russian soldier surrenders, Ukrainian women feed him and make him call his mother: he breaks down crying from Fanpage 3. Ep.77 The Avengers of football with Bonucci and Chiellini from Muschio Selvaggio 4. Poor Seagull against Kenny 5. 100 Days to Build A Modern House Underground With Grass Roof and Swimming Pool 6. meeting my ex after 8 years with Favij 7. Cheapest Private Room on Japan’s Overnight Sleeper Train ? 12 Hour Trip from Tokyo 8. Small Bunker Completed! by Michele Molteni 9. Mudù – Le Bravissime from a dentist and gynecologist by Uccio De Santis 10. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar & 50 Cent FULL Pepsi SB LVI Halftime Show

YOUTUBE BRIEF – 1. Jack Noble’s World’s Easiest Puzzle 2. When you wanted to take toys to school! Me vs. You 3. 8 Years Old Martial Arts 4. Ouch..? by Celine & Michiel 5. Fun things to do at home with MissMamma Sorriso 6. Bottle flipping decides in 24 hours what to do with Fanta and Sespo 7. Parachute Jumping with Nick Radogna 8. Tomato and rice da Cucina with Ruben 9 The hard truth of Sissi Fa Cose 10. Robbi cuts Dani’s hair and Dani and Robbi

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