“The most technological car in the world” is now ready for mass production!  Introducing the Fisker EMotion [Video]

“The most technological car in the world” is now ready for mass production! Introducing the Fisker EMotion [Video]

One of the most anticipated deals of CES 2018 has happened. Making a difference with its design and technology, Fisker EMotion is completely ready for the production line.

“The most technological car in the world”, “We have technology that no one else has” and many more. famous car designer Henrik FiskerA brand new challenge that started in 2016, is now ready to kick off today. Specify by targeting your location feelingsNo one else, of course. With the opening of CES 2018, EMotion, which is one of the projects that we are waiting for with interest and curiosity, is going into mass production at the prototype stage with great claims. Mercedes-Benz S-ClassPromising an interior living space, which is said to be unmatched, in a coupe-shaped sedan, the car is bold enough to leave question marks in the minds of its consumers and its technical values. When we look at the specifications, there are certain parts that distinguish the EMotion from its competitors, which we see is close to one of its biggest rivals, the Tesla Model S.

The values ​​in the model version are preserved

Let’s start by refreshing our memories with the details of Fisker EMotion, whose technical values ​​have been clear in the past. An example, where the world’s highest energy density battery is used, 2.5 times more than that of lithium-ion models, is approx. Distance 645 kmIt can fold. We will see the first pieces of technology emphasized by Henrik Fisker regarding batteries in the next episode. Claiming to break new ground in robust graphene-based battery technology, Fisker, With a quick charge of about 10 minutes, the battery is more than 60 percent It means that it is possible to pay. At high speed 260 km/h Emotions, which can reach such levels with three-dimensional map scanning, five hoods, and four-level autonomous driving technology It’s also worth noting that it’s on a level to challenge Tesla. part of the cock; The Fisker EMotion features tablet-shaped screens, a four-zone electrically adjustable color roof, power-covered seats and the softest leather upholstery. from $130,000 you will find buyers at the starting price.