The most reliable used cars after 5-7-10 years according to the latest research and studies

The most reliable used cars after 5-7-10 years according to the latest research and studies

What are the most reliable used cars after 5-7-10 years according to recent research and studies? Deciding to buy a car can be due to the need to have your own car to travel for work as well as for other needs and, depending on that, you need a more or less powerful car, which can be used mainly in the city or especially. for a long trip.

When you do not have the opportunity to buy new cars or if, for example, you have obtained your driving license, the best solution to choose is the purchase of a car that, be careful, must be evaluated very well first. , under all opinions, to understand if it is a legal vehicle despite being used. Let’s see what reliable used cars are.

  • How reliable are used cars after 5 years?
  • Most reliable car models after 7 years
  • What types of cars are more reliable after 10 years

How reliable are used cars after 5 years?

According to what emerges from research and recent studies, among used cars after 5 years more reliable there are the following examples:

  • Porsche 911, the modern and ‘important’ car model in the world, with great sales success from time to time, despite the bad price and not available to everyone, and stable on the road, especially playing with the 3.0 twin-turbo boxer engine and rear or drive all wheels according to demand and with the new 8-speed PDK robotic gearbox, capable of reaching a maximum power of 385 HP for the Carrera versions that rises to 450 HP on the S. to 580 HP , while the Turbo S it even produces 650 HP and 800 Nm of torque from 2,500 to 4,000 rpm;
  • Porsche Macan, another popular House model, sporty, powerful but manageable at the same time, available in different models and variants, from the standard Macan, to the Macan T, S and Gts;
  • Mercedes GLE and SLC, two top models of the German company that manage to ensure good and constant performance on the road as well as ensure safety on board thanks to the modern technological devices that are equipped;
  • Opel Karl, a city car that offers a good interior space as well as easy and excellent driving possibilities in the city, also considering the small dimensions that allow you to move around and park easily in larger urban environments and that are used can be found at prices decidedly lower , around 3-4,000 euros.

Most reliable car models after 7 years

Even among the most reliable used car models after 7 years we find the Porsche 911 along with other models, such as:

  • Mercedes B-Class, refined and classic in its lines, very elegant inside, safe on the road, spacious, rich in technological equipment and very comfortable in the city and on long trips;
  • Toyota Auris, available in different variants, sedan, station wagon and different engines, good in the city and on the roads outside the cities and which can be bought used for only 4 thousand euros;
  • Volkswagen Touareg, a large SUV with an attractive exterior design, with a large passenger room and a large trunk, a well-finished interior with refined materials, high technology, rich safety equipment and very quiet on the road, both in the diesel version the 3.0. and in version 3.0 of petrol gas;
  • The Audi TT, a sports car, always loved by fans of the genre, is not very spacious on board but very active on the road, even with attractive and efficient engines that can guarantee excellent performance.

What types of cars are more reliable after 10 years

The difference is used car models which is confirmed according to the most recent and reliable research as well after 10 years. Among the main ones there is also in this case the Audi TT beaten by other models such as:

  • The Honda Jazz, a compact car also available in a hybrid and electric version, is very practical and easy to style with a well-designed and spacious interior, equipped with a lot of technological equipment and safe on the road, as well as perfect for getting around the city. ;
  • The Volkswagen Golf, one of the best-selling and most loved car models ever, is available in different versions, gasoline, diesel, methane, hybrid, characterized by the style that made this car famous, but also rich in technology and features;
  • Mercedes Slk, compact, sporty but also comfortable spider, with good behavior on the road but not too gritty and strong;
  • Audi Q5, an SUV with improved lines, beautiful in design, able to ensure excellent performance on the road and equipped with advanced technology, one of the most popular SUVs;
  • BMW X1, a small sporty SUV but elegant in style at the same time, with diesel and gasoline engines, with front wheel drive in the case of transverse or rear engine and integral in the case of models with longitudinal engine, and which can be found used for 10 thousand euros.