The media is attacking Ferrari for pitting Sainz in the pits even in a promotional video

The media is attacking Ferrari for pitting Sainz in the pits even in a promotional video

Evil and ingenuity took over social media at the time Ferrari posted a video for promotional purposes where the car Carlos Sainz it was affected by a serious pitfall. This is nothing new for the Spanish driver, who has suffered from his team’s tricks in his three years playing for it, but the most surprising thing is that even in this piece, whose sole purpose is to shout. SF-24 They destroy changing tires.

The performance of Ferrari and Sainz have always been slow stops and in this case it was no less. the center of pit hole It was about four seconds, a time that is far from a quick change of wheels System 1. In the video, the technicians who installed the front left wheel failed and the new car took off later than expected.

Unlike normal racing, Ferrari had all the time in the world to fix this problem before posting the video, but it finally did the trick and they were the subject of hundreds of criticisms. The timing is also not good, as Sainz was ignored two weeks ago with the announcement of the signing of Lewis Hamiltonwhich will lead to Maranello in 2024.

The signing of the British bombshell, from MercedesSainz, who will race his final season with Ferrari in the SF-24, presented last Tuesday. Italy. “There’s no way you guys couldn’t have damaged the front left even in the promo video,” one user said on the social network.

Some even thought it was all a ploy to get people talking about the video and, therefore, about the SF-24, while others simply resigned themselves to “slow down.”

Sanz’s last Ferrari

And as for the car, which will be seen on the track for the first time with other cars in the official pre-season tests in Bahrain Starting next Wednesday, the color red, if not otherwise, once again takes center stage with several white and yellow flares as new features in this new SF-24.

Regarding the details of the car, Ferrari presented the same appearance, for example, to Aston Martin of Fernando Alonso. And everyone will try to be as equal as possible Red Bull with the aim of beating them. And the Italians will try to improve their performance compared to 2023, where they got only one victory, on Singapore GPand Sainz.

Red Bull was the main ruler of this season, and for the last two years, where it got all the victories of the year, except for the one achieved by the Madrid driver in Singapore, the presentation of this new car aroused great expectations, as it has happened every winter.

Vasseur’s paper

In addition, 2024 is the first year in which the work of Frederic Vasseur. The French engineer landed in 2023 after the expulsion of Mattia Binotto. Now, this Ferrari SF-24 is the first major task of the new director of the Italian team, where he aims to make things difficult for Red Bull again, something that has been impossible to achieve in recent years.