The Lincoln Zephyr is here as the luxury sibling of the new Ford Mondeo.  It has a display on the entire dashboard

The Lincoln Zephyr is here as the luxury sibling of the new Ford Mondeo. It has a display on the entire dashboard

Lincoln’s new mid-range luxury sedan uses a large 27-inch display that complements the 12.3-inch instrument panel.

Lincoln, the luxury brand of the American car company Ford, presents the much-awaited new Zephyr model. This mid-range sedan, a replacement for the previous MKZ model, will debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China. It is presented as the first Chinese-made sedan of the rebranded brand in the market.

“The all-new Lincoln Zephyr is designed specifically for young Chinese customers and continues our tradition of reimagining design and technology for the future,” said Lincoln President Joy Falotico. The name refers to an old model from the 1930s and 1940s, in short the Zephyr name was also carried by the first generation of the previous MKZ model.

The newly launched sedan is the luxury sibling of the new generation Ford Mondeo that was revealed earlier. So far it has started in the Chinese market version, while it is not yet clear if it will arrive in Europe in this form.

However, if the Zephyr’s guts can resemble the new Mondeo, the design is quite unique. In this case, it is a classic sedan, without a raised chassis or perhaps a plastic body. But the strong expression is not missing, in this case, thanks to the elegant mask with the main logo of the manufacturer accompanied by the low lights. A new design element of the brand is a horizontal light strip that runs across the entire width of the bow.

The exact dimensions have not yet been published by the manufacturer, the Zephyr is in any case classified as a mid-range car. The wheelbase is respected by their standards, with a value of more than 2.9 meters.

The interior, created in the spirit of the modern trend of digitalization, is taken for the target customers of young Chinese. The 12.3″ horizontal digital instrument panel is accompanied by a 27″ wide display for the multimedia system, which spans almost the entire width of the dashboard.

The multimedia system reserved for the Chinese market can be customized by customers thanks to its configurable appearance. It is therefore possible to choose the option of different displays of different information, while the infotainment system supports various touch gestures. You can also adjust the ambient light to your liking, offering a choice of 128 color shades.

When it comes to power, Lincoln talks about only one. The Zephyr will be available as standard with a two-litre petrol engine mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. However, the manufacturer has not yet published the performance parameters.

The Lincoln Zephyr will be produced directly in China, and will be introduced to the market there in the first quarter of 2022. The new model will not arrive in Europe, and sales in the US domestic market are also largely unknown. It is assumed that the Zephyr will remain reserved for the Middle Kingdom, because in the United States, Lincoln is interested in focusing on crossovers and SUVs, similar to its parent Ford.