The League of Mexican Trade Unions sees the Audi strike case as an example to follow

The League of Mexican Trade Unions sees the Audi strike case as an example to follow

The League of Mexican Workers (LSOM) developed by work reformsee the discussion of Independent Audi Workers Association -strike for 25 days- as an example to follow in order to have a true collective dialogue; This organization already has a presence with companies such as 3M, Goodyear, Delta employees y Teklawhich lead to negotiation processes.

In that sense, the League of Trade Unions, led by Julieta Morales, explained that “the strike is a tool to promote true collective discussion.” Without the right to strike, the will of the company would be imposed, which meant a deterioration in the wages of union workers.

After celebrating the victory of Audi Unity, the workers of the United Union highlighted that their negotiations are ongoing to agree on the increase of the respective wages in the cases of the companies 3M and Goodyear; while in Delta Staff and Teklas the negotiation of new collective bargaining agreements is about to begin, after the League obtained confirmation of representation, with broad support in the votes that occurred for that reason.

“These are international defense companies, with sales of millions of dollars in the world, like Audi. Therefore, we will confirm our desire to get a fair result in this negotiation, which pays the work that these companies benefit from and which have operations like that in the world market.”

Likewise, the indicator that in response to the Audi strike, “we do not hesitate to give our unconditional solidarity, because we know that the unity of the working class makes us strong and provides us with the best conditions for success. We call on the democratic organizations to pay attention to the progress of our dialogue and give us their solidarity. United, the workers will win.”

It is worth noting that last Sunday, February 18, 66.3% of Audi employees voted in the consultation of the draft agreement for the review of the contract, agreed by the company’s representation and Independent Audi Workers Association (SITAUDI), for this, defined the end of the strike that started on January 24.

From LSOM they welcomed the example of democracy implemented by SITAUDI and shown in the entire strike process.

The Free Union, even without a legal obligation, held a consultation among its members, a few days before starting the strike, where more than 90% of those who voted rejected the employer’s offer.

Already on strike, again in the poll, a large number of people felt that the offer of the new employer was insufficient, which meant an increase of 7% in total (5% directly for wages). Ultimately, the will of the majority defined the end of the strike, accepting a 7% wage increase and 3.2% benefits.