The last time Honda and Alonso teamed up, things didn’t go well

The last time Honda and Alonso teamed up, things didn’t go well

His relationship Fernando Alonso together with Honda known for its turmoil. His champion of Spain System 1 he had called a Honda engine “GP2 engine,” when the Japanese creation ended smoke or catch fireoften more than he himself would like.

This happened when Honda fired its engines McLarenwho was his driver Alonso. Those fruits it is not it provided a special partnership that left them The relationship between the Spaniard and Honda in a very cold temperature. But now, there is a chance we will see a new … crossover period between the two.

Aston Martin recently announced its new partnership with Hondaand second to it gives the British the engine from 2026. Although Alonso’s contract with Aston Martin the clock is running out the end of 2025it would be unlikely that he would return to the familiar ways of the Japanese company.

“In Alonso’s case, there were times in the past when we had a difficult time,” he said Koji Watanabeits president Honda Racing Corporation. “Since then, however, we have partnered with Red Bull and won the championship. We recognize the fact that Alonso is a great driver and at Honda we respect him. The team makes decisions for the drivers, and if they choose him, we will welcome him.”

His statements Watanabe they cause shock. Honda was very angry from the words of a Spaniard, and even declared so he didn’t want to work with him anymorewhen he made his second attempt to win Indy 500. To listen to him Watanabe speaking with such maturity on the subject, shows that Honda he has overcome his “enmity” with him Alonso.

“What Fernando said at that time was hot, in the middle of a battle, and several years have passed, but I think Fernando … has evolved not only as a driver, but also in everything related to his position in the team. club,” he said CEO of Aston Martin Racing, Martin Whitmarshwhich was also found inside McLaren a turbulent period with Honda.

“I’m sure if he drives with the same strength and passion and speed in 2026, we’d love to have him in the team. However, 2026 is still a long way off. We haven’t decided on the two drivers, and I’m sure we’ll talk to Fernando about that too, but we still have time .”