The last and most amazing world record of Rimac Nevera has been done in the past

The last and most amazing world record of Rimac Nevera has been done in the past

Rimac Nevera has insisted that it is one of the cars that has the most records, and if a few months ago it collected more than 23 records, including an acceleration of 1.82 in 0 to 100 km / h or 400 in 21.31. second, now another record is added. A very surprising fact because surely few drivers of this sports car will put it into practice: reaching the world speed record of 275.75 km/h… on the contrary.

An unnatural race

At the Papenburg test centers in Germany, pilot Goran Drndak at the controls of the Rimac Nevera, this unusual world record was signed. An experience that the pilot himself described as unusual.

“During the race, you definitely need time to get used to it,” explains Drndak. “You’re looking back at the environment going faster and faster, feeling your neck lean forward, almost the same feeling you would normally get when braking.”

According to the brand itself This record is possible thanks to the fact that the electric Rimac Nevera has a gearless transmission. Four independent motors, two for each axle, are responsible for pushing the car forward or backward without worrying about the gears involved., so the power output in both cases is the same. True The only brake that has prevented the Nevera from reaching the same speed as it can provide going forward is aerodynamics, more difficult when the nose is back and vice versa, and stability.

A crazy idea turned into a record

During development it occurred to us that the Nevera would probably be the fastest car in the world in reverse, but we took it as a bit of a joke.“admitted Matija Renić, chief engineer of Nevera. “After all, aerodynamics, cooling and stability were not designed for running backwards at high speed.” Still reaching 275 km / h in this way is a big challenge. challenge so far no someone who succeeded at such a speed that Rimac scored the same.


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