The largest car collection in the world is worth more than R.5 billion and has 7,000 luxury models |  Curiosity

The largest car collection in the world is worth more than R$1.5 billion and has 7,000 luxury models | Curiosity

Have you seen The world’s youngest 10-year-old billionaire’s car collectionand the new trend among millionaires to buy cars from Schumacher in F1 for an astronomical price of up to R$80 million per car. Now you will see the largest collection of cars in the world, with 7 models, of which there are no less than 300 units from Ferrari and 600 of Rolls-Roycefor example.

The owner of this collection is Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultanate of Brunei, a small island in Asia, which has a lot of oil. According to forbes, In the bank account alone, he has about 28 billion US dollars, equivalent to about R$ 140 billion.

According to the American newspaper DuPont Register, in addition to the examples already mentioned, the garage still has twenty koenigeggssix Porsche Dauer 962 Le Mans, which was a sports car based on a racing car Porsche 962, and eleven McLaren F1.

All these cars added to the 300 Ferraris and 600 Rolls-Royces are worth around US$300 million, equivalent to BRL 1.5 billionaccording to the newspaper.

The Sultan of Brunei owns around 300 Ferraris – Photo: Production

The list includes several cars from aston martin, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and many others. However, their price was not estimated by the magazine, but we can imagine that adding all the values ​​of the collection should easily exceed R$ 2 billion.

According to the publication, there are also cars belonging to the sultan’s third brother, Prince Jefri, and several nephews also leave some cars under Bolkiah’s care. However, this newspaper warns that some of the vehicles are not in use and others are in a state of disrepair.

The car collection consists of several vintage models from different brands – Photo: Production

Another curiosity is that there is a Rolls Royce in the garage that does not stop moving: that is, it rotates 24 hours a day, every day of the week and only stops to refuel.

A few years ago, the page posted a video with several cars from the collection, but withheld the identity of the people with emojis on their faces. Take a look:

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