The Kohai Infiniti x Moonton collaboration was initiated through MDL Indonesia

The Kohai Infiniti x Moonton collaboration was initiated through MDL Indonesia

The Kohai Infiniti x Moonton collaboration has been launched. Play in Kohai and get a chance to compete in MDL!

The Kohai Infiniti x Moonton collaboration has been officially launched. Kohai Infiniti Esports Super App as a platform that supports public players, is now directly connected to Moonton.

Kohai Infiniti is an app where players can compete and make permanent friends 24 hours a day. There are regular competitions and regular cash prizes.

Source: ONE Esports

Apart from that, you also have the opportunity to play and learn with talented players who are connected with Kohai Infiniti itself. The Combat Arena mode is the one they rely on the most.

Surprisingly, the competition did not stop. If you are high on the leaderboard, of course by managing the Battle Arena, there will be other tournaments with a higher level of competition.

One form of the Kohai Infiniti x Moonton partnership is that the champion of the Kohai Infiniti Tournament Season 1, which is Kohai’s most local tournament, will get a chance to play in the MDL ID S8 Play-ins.

That means, if you jump the competition level at Kohai Infiniti, you can show up at the MDL ID S8 and get the chance to be noticed by the big team. The Kohai Infiniti x Moonton collaboration is good news for public gamers.

The top four from the Kohai Infiniti Season 1 competition will also appear in the Kohai SEA Champuonship alongside MPL teams from Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia and the Philippines.

The Kohai Infiniti x Moonton collaboration is an opportunity to find talent

One of the important things is that Kohai Infiniti is a scouting platform to find talented public players. Bigetron Esports said that they are constantly looking for the best young players from there, said the CEO of Starlest.

The director of Kohai Infiniti in the country, Don Putu Harisiwara, also explained the benefits of this partnership.

Source: ONE Esports

“Our partnership with Moonton Indonesia, MDL, not only enhances the esports experience for players in Indonesia, but also becomes a key foundation for expansion in the Southeast Asia region in the future. With this partnership, we can open up more opportunities for players to connect , compete and grow within the sports experience itself,” he said.

Meanwhile Azwin Nugraha as the Marketing Communications Manager of Moonton Indonesia hopes that this partnership will bring a new color to the development of the esports ecosystem in Indonesia.

Mobile Legends, EVOS Icon champion MDL ID S7
Credit: ONE Esports

“We are very excited to partner with Kohai Infiniti and this is the kind of commitment we are making to develop the esports scene in Indonesia. This strategic partnership will create new opportunities for players from the MLBB and SEA region to connect, compete and showcase their talents on the big stage, ” said Azwin.

“Like MDL Indonesia which is currently open to the public, this partnership is expected to be a bridge for inexperienced players to realize their dreams of becoming a professional MLBB player,” he concluded.

The Kohai Infiniti x Moonton partnership makes it easy to become the best player, even finding expert teams is made easier.

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