The key role of ecosystems in the energy transition

The key role of ecosystems in the energy transition

The role of ecosystems in the energy transition was the focus of the panel during the 8thu Delphi Economic Forum, incl Mrs. Elena Athousaki, Head of ESG, Sustainability and Climate Change at Motor Oil Group, to mark the war in Ukraine as a provocation and an invitation, to wake up all those involved.

“We were able to create a company that provides multiple forms of energy because we invested in refineries and renewable fuels,” said Ms. Athousakis, while referring to Motor Oil’s ambitious strategic plan with a 2030 target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% (Scope 1,2&3). He spoke about an investment plan to eliminate coal at a cost of 4 billion, a large part of which will be directed to energy sufficiency. However, he pointed out the need for the cooperation of all concerned to prepare a joint plan for addiction.

Honorable Emmanuel Moustakas, Executive member of GEK TERNA, spoke about the rapid development of RES in recent years, which has created saturation in distribution networks.. “We have a limit to the development of more RES because of the lack of distribution networks,” he noted, citing as an example large energy users such as railway stations, airports and ports that need more energy and this creates difficulties for them. .

The importance of the ecosystem for any change, such as the transition to green energy, was emphasized by Mr. Angelos Spanos, Senior Marketing and Product Manager at PPC., bringing photovoltaics as an example of sustainability through large private solutions, but showing the lack of farm power organization and financing in our country. He explained the need for financial support for end users and their awareness of sustainability issues, to change mindsets.

The bank’s contribution to the energy transition was mentioned by Ms. Chrysanthi Berbati, Head of Business Planning, IR & ESG at Piraeus Bank. “We have provided important loans of approximately one billion. in the transition project for companies and households”, he said, noting that now the interest is not only around RES but also synthetic fuel and electricity. “We will be there. There is a big commitment from the bank,” he assured.

Lastly, Mrs. Grete Rød, Partner, Leader in Bain & Company’s PE practice, He mentioned the huge business opportunities opened up by the goal of getting zero, but cautioned that such initiatives have failed in the past.

He was the moderator of the debate Mrs. Martina Pagani, Director of Bain & Company.