“The Italian touch”, a new exhibition at the BMW House.  What to see

“The Italian touch”, a new exhibition at the BMW House. What to see

There are masters of design and fashion, from Giugiaro for Michelottifrom Bertone for Gandinifrom fruits for To visit And Rebellion. But there are also legendary buyers, from Robert Ravaglia for Pierluigi Martinifrom Richard Patrese for Alex Zanardi. Designed by BMW Italy in conjunction with BMW Group Classicexhibition “The Italian Touch” it is a tribute to the Italians who have contributed, and still contribute today, to the history of the company. Testimonies of the past and present, but which serve as inspiration for future challenges. It was launched last December 7th The house of BMW through Verri a MilanThe exhibition will remain open to the public until January 2, 2023.

DIRECT WIRE ”Because the House of BMW is a place where high technology meets hi-touch – he declares Massimiliano Di Silvestrepresident and CEO of BMW Italy -, we thought together with my colleague Andreas Browneditor of BMW Museum of Munich, that it was a wonderful opportunity to express the Italian touch, indeed the “Italian Touch”, which characterized, and still characterizes today, an important part of BMW’s history at the international level. This exhibition is a story within a story. But also a story of love, innovation, talent and people”.


ITALIAN TEAM Famous designers and pilots, but also artists working behind the scenes. There are many Italian talents who have made a difference in the communication of brand values, from designers Gianpietro Vigorelli And Federico Brugia to the artist Sandro Chiato pass Renzo VitaleBMW Group Creative Voice Director, composes sounds and sounds of electric vehicles. Until those who promote and implement social responsibility programs and projectshow Milena Pighi.

CARS AND AROUND Characters past and present, but also places and culture they have a symbolic meaning and deserve a place in the exhibition schedule. The idea goes for example to Villa d’Este on Lake Como, where Concours d’Elegance of historic cars of which the BMW Group has been a partner for more than 20 years. Or for Teatro at Scala of Milan, which this year is celebrated 20 years warranty with BMW Italy. From the meeting between an Italian genius and a world famous car manufacturer, not only beautiful cars are born.

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