The incident of Ustaz Kuhama must be an example for the youth

The incident of Ustaz Kuhama must be an example for the youth

The head of West Java FKPT, Iip Hidajat, said that the situation of the ustadz moving must be used as an example for the youth. – Page 1 Wednesday, May 24, 2023 | 01:14 WIB URL copied. Chairman of the West Java Anti-Terrorism Coordination Forum (FKPT), Iip Hidajat (Special) Jakarta, Beritasatu.

com – Chairman of the Coordination Forum for the Prevention of Terrorism in West Java (FKPT), Iip Hidajat said, the situation of the displaced teachers must be used as an example for the youth. In addition, it must be a way to introduce yourself to the new generation.

Iip Hidajat said this in response to Ustadz Hanan Attaki to join (NU) “This means that even though you have been identified or associated with a forbidden identity, you should be able to recognize it, become tabayun, and return to your country,” he said. Iip Hidayat quoted from Antara, Tuesday (23/5/2023).

READ ALSO Ip Hidajat said that when hijrah is interpreted as a change from one state to a better state, then this should be welcomed. Advertisement According to Iip Hidajat, this move will end the negative stigma that was previously directed at Hanan, especially those involved who still want to be patient and be able to put themselves forward to fight for the unity of Indonesia.

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