The Ford Ranger sold in Brazil will have differences compared to the one in North America, find out which |  Market

The Ford Ranger sold in Brazil will have differences compared to the one in North America, find out which | Market

With great expectations for the first match in Brazil, the the new generation of ford a curve was presented in the US this week. Sales, like here, should start only in the second half.

The mid-size pickup, which will be made in Thailand, South Africa and Argentina (the unit that was modernized and will supply cars to the Brazilian market), will also have production at the brand’s factory in the state of Michigan to distribute in the United States and Canada.

Here, the release date has not yet been revealed, but it must be very closeas the model is in the final phase of testing in neighboring countries and has already started appeared at Agrishow earlier this month.

And although Ford still to maintain confidentiality regarding the specifications of the truck to be sold in South Americawe already have some information to analyze the differences between our offerings and those offered in Uncle Sam’s country.

The new generation Ford Ranger should be launched soon in Brazil — Photo: Disclosure

A The new Ranger platform and look will be the same worldwideso what will change according to the market will be engine, line versions and details on the equipment list. out of priceWithout doubt.

Even with the limited data confirmed so far, Check out the main differences between the versions that will be sold in Brazil and the USA.

Ford has yet to confirm which model engines will be sold here — Photo: Disclosure

In the US, the Ranger will have three engine options: 2.3 EcoBoost with 274 hp and 42.8 kgm of torque, V6 2.7 EcoBoost with 319 hp and 55.3 kgfm and V6 3.0 Ecoboost with 410 hp and 59.4 kgfm. All settings will be Petrol It is it will have all-wheel drive.

Around here, Ford showed the picture on 4×4 version with V6 3.0 turbodiesel engine, but not yet confirmed technical data. According to rumors, the power should be 246 hp and a torque of 61.1 kgfm. Along with North America it will be ten-speed automatic transmissionsame as Mustang.

Another rumored option for the Brazilian market is 2.0 EcoBluewhich gives 167 hp and 41.2 kgfm and should be combined with manual or automatic gearbox, both six-speed. Tension can be 4×2 or integral, depending on the model.

These two engines would replace the current V6 3.2 of 200 hp and 47.9 kgfm of higher versions and 2.2 of 160 and 39.3 kgfm input settings.

Ford Ranger Raptor will be sold for the first time in the United States – Photo: Disclosure

For North America, the Ranger will be offered in four versions: XL, XLT, Lariat and Raptor, which are known for their style especially for the front finish and grille.

It is not yet known if the Brazilian truck will simply keep the existing nomenclature or if it passes some option used there, such as the Lariat replacing the Limited, for example, which is also one of the F-150 configurations sold in Brazil and the United States.

That’s because the XL and XLT are already here. Currently, the Ranger range has nine variants priced between BRL 230 thousand and BRL 330 thousand. But there is a possibility that in the first show the pickup will arrive in options XL, XLS, XLT and Limitedand leave other special editions to be released later, such as Storm, Black It is FX4.

But the big question is whether Raptor sports car will land in the country. This configuration, unheard of in the United States (the option was only available on the F-150), will also be offered in Michigan. In Argentina, the model is already on sale, but it comes from Thailand (and is less powerful than the one in North America, with 397 hp versus 410 hp).

the ferry denies Raptor will be made in General Pacheco, but a ready-made truck was seen driving around the Argentine factory during our recent visit. It also does not confirm the Brazilian market version, despite having one registered in the National Institute of Industrial Property (Inpi) about two months ago.

Ford Ranger will have an equipment list filled with technology and safety items — Photo: Disclosure

The new generation of Ranger promises to be one of them most modern medium-duty trucks in the worldso it will be packed with technology and safety features in all markets where it will be offered.

This includes a 10.1-inch or 12-inch touchscreen media center and new operating system Synchronization 4 (which debuted here on the F-150), 360° cameras, digital instrument panel, induction cell phone charger, electronic parking brake, plus several driving assistance systems.

But since we are talking about America, the biggest market in the world, the Ranger will have a A large list of options and accessories so that customers can personalize their articles. Options include wheels, coatings, trailers and accessories off the road which it should be unique to that market.

The multimedia center will have a vertical touch screen — Image: Solutions

In the United States, the Ranger will leave 34,160 US dollars (which is the same as BRL 168,100 for the current quotation) and can reach $56,960 (BRL 280,300) in the advanced Raptor version.

Of course, the price here is still a secret, but the pickup should be more expensive than the current generation due to the high level of technology. That is, if today the values ​​are between R $ 230 thousand and R $ 330 thousand, the novel should reach R $ 250 thousand and up to R $ 400 thousand in the most complete option. If it comes, the Raptor should not leave for less than half a million.

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