The first electric truck of the Year is the Volvo FH Electric

The first electric truck of the Year is the Volvo FH Electric

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The first electric truck of the Year is the Volvo FH Electric

Source: Volvo press release

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The Volvo FH Electric was recently named Truck of the Year 2024. This makes it the first electric truck to win this award…

Many times Volvo Trucks has had the pleasure of having a truck from this company take the title of Truck of the Year. Now the commercial vehicle manufacturer has done so for the first time with an electric truck, as the 2024 winner is called the Volvo FH Electric.

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The International Truck of the Year was founded in 1977 and is made up of 24 journalists from major European trucking magazines. The annual award honors a truck that was introduced to the market in the past 12 months and is said to have made a significant contribution to the efficiency of road transport. Now the heavy duty Volvo FH Electric has this honor. In justifying its decision, the jury praised the performance of the electric truck, what it described as its smooth acceleration, low noise and vibration-free driving characteristics. The Volvo FH Electric can move a total weight of up to 44 tonnes.

With the introduction of the FH Electric, Volvo Trucks has created a modern battery-electric transport vehicle that is suitable for a wide range of tasks. According to the manufacturer, this is proof that the energy transition is gaining strength even in today’s difficult economic environment. Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks, accepted the prestigious award last night during an awards ceremony at the Solutrans Transport Show in Lyon, France. “The Volvo FH Electric represents a new era in truck transport. And winning this award clearly shows that the transition to zero-emission transport is happening here and now,” commented Alm. This success, according to Alm, is the result of the cooperation of everyone involved .

Volvo trucks have won several times

It has been revealed that this is the fourth time that the Volvo FH has been declared as the Truck of the Year. Because the Volvo FH is one of the most successful models in the industry, with almost 1.4 million vehicles sold worldwide. But so far these have been cars that are normally driven.

Volvo Trucks was also the first international manufacturer to start series production of electric trucks back in 2019. So the Swedes now have a wide range of electric trucks with a total of six vehicle types. Volvo Trucks is also the market leader for electric heavy-duty trucks in Europe, with a market share of 49 percent, according to the European Union along with Norway and Switzerland.

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