The Fiat Pulse Abarth combines a 185 turbo engine, a new suspension and a rich content package.

The Fiat Pulse Abarth combines a 185 turbo engine, a new suspension and a rich content package.

Sports cars have always been successful. But they’re usually expensive, have limited print runs and aren’t always good deals for manufacturers. In general, the solution is to appeal to “games”, that cart full of visual trinkets, but which do not bring any improvement in performance.

However, sometimes you can create a very spicy car without developing an expensive project. That’s what Fiat did with the Pulse Abarth. The Italian brand created an anabolic version of the compact SUV using ingredients it already had in its pantry.

It installed the 1.3 turbo engine that was already equipped with the Toro and Fastback, as well as the Jeep Renegade’s cousins, the Compass and Commander. Therefore, it was not necessary to create an engine for only one car. And it matched the engine and Aisin six-speed automatic transmission. A box that is also used for relatives.

Visually, he installed a Fastback bumper. Inside, it used what was already offered in the Impulse version of the Pulse itself.

What Fiat really needed to improve was the suspension and exhaust. The first uses a McPherson assembly (front) and a torsion shaft (rear). But the car received unique springs and dampers, to ensure more “ground” for Abarth.

In other words, Fiat did what Renault did in 2015, when it launched the original Sandero RS sports car with the parts it already had on the shelf.

But is this bad? Without doubt. Both Sandero and Pulse are legitimate sports cars. The Italian’s character is impressive: he faces curves as if he were a 500 Abarth. The car does not spread, even with high headroom (which raises the center of gravity).

It’s a car that accelerates instantly, thanks to the massive torque delivery. There is 27.5 kgfm fully available at 1,750 rpm.

185 hp of this engine 1.3 also allow the car to accelerate furiously. According to Fiat, it accomplishes the famous 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.6 seconds. The maximum speed announced is 215 km / h.

Obviously, we had no way to prove it. But with light output, everyone falls back very quickly, without crossing the road limit.

In addition to the suspension, another affordable feature of the Pulse Abarth is the Poison key. This is a button on the right side of the steering wheel. The same one that is used in all models with this engine. But in this version of Pulse, it’s called Poison.

The poison modifies the engine and transmission control. Either side is raised, so maximum torque is already there without the need to step on the accelerator. Shifts are quick and the exhaust roar is enhanced. In motion, when you “inject the poison” the response is fast and you only need to step on it for the car to respond in a fraction of a second.

The Pulse Abarth is well equipped. It has a 10-inch digital panel and multimedia instruments (with wireless connection for smartphones, rear camera, navigation system and connectivity). The sports car also offers keyless start, remote start (outside the car), digital air conditioning, induction charging, electric parking brake, Auto Hold, hill start assist, electric mirrors and windows, leather seats. , tire pressure, 17 inch wheels and fog. lights.

The safety package includes collision warning, lane keep assist, automatic emergency braking, four airbags and automatic headlights. That is, a lot for a nervous compact of R $ 150 thousand.

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