The Fiat 500e will start under K in the US as an affordable EV option

The Fiat 500e will start under $33K in the US as an affordable EV option

The Fiat 500e will return to the US as one of the most affordable EV options on the market. The brand aims to revive sales with the 2024 Fiat 500e starting at less than $33,000.

Fiat is a brand you don’t hear much about in the US because sales have almost disappeared over the past few years.

The brand has been in the North American market since the early 1900s, but was withdrawn several times due to declining sales. Fiat made a comeback in 2011 after taking a stake in struggling Chrysler in 2009.

Following years of negotiations, Fiat-Chrysler merged with PSA Group (Peugeot SA), creating the Stellantis in January 2021. Meanwhile, Fiat sales have continued to decline.

Brand 145 cars sold between July and September. In total, Fiat has sold 427 vehicles in the United States this year, down 46% from 2022.

The brand is hoping to turn things around with the recently appointed Aamir Ahmed in charge of North American operations. Ahmed rejoined Stellantis in May leading “Fiat on its electrifying path” in North America.

Stellantis launched new 500e at the LA Auto Show, claiming it will arrive in the US in Q1 2024. However, we’ve learned a little since, so far.

Fiat’s new 500e (Source: Stellantis)

The Fiat 500e will be the cheapest EV option in the US

Some of you may remember the first Fiat 500e in the US. It was a follow car with only 84 miles and sales in three states.

The new Fiat 500e EV promises more features and sophistication at an affordable price. According to an online automotive research company Direct carsThe 2024 Fiat 500e will be one of the few EVs in the US with a starting price under $33,000.

Recent order guide data indicates the 500e will have an MSRP of just $32,500 (before destination). That’s even cheaper than the standard car that started at $33,210.

Fiat’s website suggests we could see official specs for the 2024 500e next week on December 4th. The company has not yet said if it will be limited to certain states.

We also don’t know where the new EV will be built, so it’s unclear if it will qualify for the IRA tax credit. Meanwhile, the Fiat can still pass on $7,500 for a lease.

Electrek’s take

With two more affordable EVs expected to be updated over the next year or so, Fiat may have an opportunity with its new 500e.

Chevy is expected to end production of the Bolt EV later this year. Meanwhile, the Nissan LEAF is getting a complete redesign of its new model, which will take place next year in Europe.

“If they could come to market with something really small and electric and (with) a better range, that’s the kind of car that would turn heads,” according to Ivan Dury, director of knowledge for Edmunds.

The new 500e is one of the best-selling EVs in Europe, and Fiat believes it can make its mark in the US.

Would you consider an updated Fiat 500e with more range and added features for less than $33,000? Let us know in the comments.

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