The Fiat 500 confirms its place on the list of electric cars

The Fiat 500 confirms its place on the list of electric cars

For the second month in a row, the Fiat 500 is on top of electric car registrations in France. In May, it surpassed its closest competitors: Peugeot e-208 and Renault Twingo. Over the first 5 months of the year, the Fiat 500 rose to second place in electric car sales, just behind the Dacia Spring. Therefore, this place at the top of the register is not an ordinary thing, but a sign of real commercial success. The success of the Fiat 500 is owed to a diverse range that continues to grow. The Italian manufacturer, which is part of the Stellantis group, does not hesitate to make commercial innovations. Therefore, since April, the Fiat 500 has also been available for registration, with simple and inclusive formulas.

2,129 Fiat 500 registered in May

In April, the Fiat 500 had already dominated the list of electric car registrations in France. With 1,737 registrations, it was ahead of Dacia Spring (1,568) and Peugeot 208 (1,375). During the month of May, it widened the gap with its rivals by a total of 2,129 registrations. This time, it is ahead of Peugeot e-208 (1,668) and Renault Twingo (1,500) on the podium. Dacia Spring follows behind with 1,357 units, while Renault Mégane appears in the rankings in sixth place with 758 units. In the car market under 10%, the Fiat 500 largely contributed to the good results of the Italian manufacturer (+0.8%). Up 152% compared to May 2021, it now represents 51% of brand registrations.

7,079 registrations since the beginning of the year

The increase in sales of the Fiat 500 cannot be compared to a flash in the pan. During the first 5 months of 2022, the Fiat 500 is now in second place in France. With 7,079 registrations, it is second only to Dacia Spring (7,878). Peugeot e-208 completes the podium (6,851), ahead of Tesla Model 3 (6,757) and Renault Zoé (6,076). The success achieved by the Fiat 500 is due to its wide range that meets various needs. The launch of the series urban battery » with a 23.8 kWh battery providing 190 kilometers of autonomy met the public. This year, it represented 40% of the model order mix. It completes the versions with a 42 kWh battery providing up to 320 kilometers of autonomy in the WLTP cycle.

A range that continues to grow

Fiat continues to improve its Fiat 500 range with the launch of ” La Prima and Bocelli “. A version that completes the success of the first generation of Prime (one third of sales in 2021). For the CEO of the Fiat brand Olivier Francois : “The release was a huge success Primethe top of our electric icon range, made us realize that our customers want a product that is indispensable, Italian and unique. » In collaboration with Maestro Andrea BocelliFiat created La Prima and Bocelli, which brings these parameters to a peak. It is the world’s first city car equipped with JBL technology. Online Sites “. A 320W sound system that provides an unparalleled sound experience. In addition, this version also includes some design and technology gems.

The Fiat 500 is available as a subscription

fiat not only offers different versions of the Fiat 500, it also innovates in its marketing. In April, the brand launched a 100% non-binding digital subscription offer. All inclusive offer with all risk insurance included. Therefore, Fiat invented car registration to meet the needs of a large number of consumers. Customers who want to be able to use the car more easily and without major financial constraints. For its subscription, Fiat offers 3 formulas available from €299/month. Package City including version Stock, with a 23.8 kWh battery, favors urban travel. For those looking for more versatility, Fiat offers a package Simple and version Icon equipped with a 42 kWh battery. Finally, the Package Tutto offers the latest version in electronic equipment and a crested version Prime.