The fastest Saint in the Ferrari SF-23 in the first tests in Monaco

The fastest Saint in the Ferrari SF-23 in the first tests in Monaco

Carlos Sainz took the first time in the opening free practice of the Monaco GP, by 0.3″ from Fernando Alonso of Aston Martin. Stopped twice due to accidents, in the 6th place with Red Bull RB19 problems starting Max Verstappen.

This year’s 6th Formula 1 three-day race in Monaco started with several teams – notably Mercedes and Aston Martin – showing off their improved cars and all the changes they didn’t implement in the Imola GP that was announced last weekend.

In the first twenty minutes of the hour-long process, most drivers focused on collecting data on hard and medium tires. By the final corner of the four Ferrari SF-23 Carlos Sainz stayed on top for a long time, and Max Verstappen’s efforts to beat the Spaniard’s time found themselves in the way of the unusual Red Bull RB19 on the Monte Carlo rhythms. bitumen

While RBR looks to resolve the champion’s car setup issue ahead of the second free test session, Mercedes has begun a quest to understand the W14’s radical design changes.

George Russell previously reported that he had a hard time trying to warm up the tires on a fast lap, which forced him into several time-consuming skids. Instead, Hamilton was able to climb to the top – always on the medium tire with Fernando Alonso in 2nd place, 0.064 ahead of the Briton.


However, shortly after half an hour the tests were interrupted due to Nico Hulkenberg’s accident. The German broke his left front wheel on the barrier at the chicane after exiting the tunnel and Haas was left with extensive damage. Hülkenberg was able to continue and return to the pits, the test was red-flagged for three minutes to clear the dirt track.

They restarted 20 minutes before the end, and Alonso immediately climbed to the top of the times – always on the middle tire. But Saint soon recovered with a time of 1:13.690 (0.058” better than Alonso) and then dropped him to 0.338” behind his Aston Martin rival – who lost time to meet the slower Sergio Perez on the grid. Casino.

The times did not improve until testing was stopped again with 10 minutes to go after Alex Albon’s crash at San Devot. Albon failed to control the tail of the William brothers in the first corner and crashed into the barriers with great force.

The Briton-Thai got out of the car well, with only bruised knees, but testing did not restart with just three minutes left on the clock. So the top three were followed by Perez (within 3mm of Hamilton) and Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen, with Ferrari and Red Bull respectively, around 0.7″ and 0.9″ away from Saint.

Leclerc might not have been higher had the fast lap not been spoiled by the red flag, but then again stalling early and losing the Ferrari’s tail in the pond didn’t show the Monegasque were satisfied with the SF-23 kit. – up. Verstappen also had an extended slide, and appeared to be playing hard as his lap progressed.