The facts show the temperature of the market for exposed cars

The facts show the temperature of the market for exposed cars

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Chevrolet Montana was Chevrolet’s main product in the main reality show in Brazil

Television is still one of the popular media in Brazil
. A recent study of the car trading platform OLX he said that the display of cars as prizes in television programs, or used by its participants, reflects well on the demand for certain models shown.

The study focused on advertising performance, demand and trade for these vehicles, compared to the first quarter of 2023 and 2022.

According to OLX
O Fiat Cronos was presented a 33.48 percent growth in searches
and an increase of 61.62% in advertisements, which appeared in a 28.14% increase in sales
. Like the Fiat Cronos, the chevrolet tracker
which existed in programs such as Big Brother Brazil
recorded a turnover of more than 24.78%.

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The Midnight Edition of the Chevrolet Tracker aired live on BBB 23

Research also shows Jeep Renegade and Fiat Mobi
. In terms of SUVs, searches and the number of ads grew by 9.16% and 8.66%, respectively, while sales increased by only 3.95%. In the case of Fiat ads had a jump of 23.46%
but activities involving compacts increased by 2.93%
while demand increased by 3.62%.

According to research, the largest number of searches and activities involving Fiat Mobi
, Jeep Renegade It is chevrolet tracker was held in the state of São Paulo, when Fiat Cronos led the search in Rio de Janeiro
but it was in Minas Gerais that the sedan achieved high sales figures

The analysis also took into account the average price of cars displayed by Used Tracker showed a savings of 12.73% compared to the last model launched
, costs, on average, R$ 137,990. The closest in this sense was Fiat Cronos, representing a savings of 11.87%.
, with an average value of R$ 87,990. In the case of the Military, the saving was 7.83%, followed by the Fiat Mobi, with 5.23%, with an average value of R$ 65,490.

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According to research, the price of a used Mobi drops slightly compared to a brand new car

In the case of Mobi, it’s worth mentioning how compact it can be for the price, even in used units. Since February, the model has been sold by Fiat for BRL 68,990

Among the vehicles that have been messed about in reality shows over the past 10 years, the most popular vehicles are trucks, with the Fiat Strada and Chevrolet S10 leading the search, ad and sales rankings.

In terms of cargo vehicles, this data only confirms the success of light utility vehicles in the sales space. In total by 2022, Fiat Strada was the best selling new model in the country
while the Fiat Toro ranks 15th, according to Fenabrave.

In the first quarter of 2023, the Strada continued to lead visitors, while the Toro improved its performance, jumping to 13th place.